what should i do??

  1. i will finally getting my first louis vuitton bag:yahoo:

    one problem i dont know what to get:sad:
    i am looking at these following bags:
    1) mono pouchette
    2)azur pouchette
    3)save up a lil more money for a speedy 25??
    4)or do you have any suggestions

  2. I would save a little longer and get the speedy :yes:
  3. save and get teh speedy
  4. you might as well save up for a Speedy 25. God knows you'd get a lot more use out of it than the Pochettes :lol:
  5. I agree with everyone else. Save up and get a Speedy.:yes:
  6. Save for the speedy!
  7. If you will be using this everyday, then save for the speedy.
    If you want a cute "going out bag" to try out LV, then go for the mono pochette.
    Eventually, I would get the mono pochette anyway, bc it has so many uses and is well worth the cost!
    Good luck!
  8. go for the speedy 25
  9. Save for the speedy!!!!:yahoo:
  10. Definitely save up for the speedy...it's a classic...and you'll most likely get much more use out of it...you won't regret it!!!!!!! Good luck!!!!!!!!
  11. like everyone else said, speedy! :yes:
  12. ITA
  13. Save for the Speedy! Much more practical than a pouchette IMO.
  14. Save for the speedy!
  15. Agree with everyone here...get the Speedy...It's always a great starting off bag...such a classic!