What should I do???

  1. I just got a call from Bal Harbour Chanel and a SA was calling me about a bag I was on the list since Feb!

    Back in feb when I was visiting Hong Kong, I went to the Chanel boutique and tried on a beige flap bag I really liked. the bag is like a classic flap with classic chain strap except that it is wide-stitched (thus the bag looks younger than a regular classic flap), made of smooth calfskin, and it's roomier than a medium classic flap since it's only single flap but not as big as the Jumbo. however, i didn't buy it there since there were only 2 in the store and the both have some flaws.....so when I came back to the US I called the 1800 # and they told me Bal Harbour chanel have placed an order and will get some....and they did get some 8 months later!!!

    I have kinda forgot about this bag....and now am waiting for the khaki baby coco cabas...i love the size of the baby cabas and the color of the khaki.....

    But I am also tempted to get that beige bag! Was it a meant to be when I received this call 8 months later!!!??? the beige bag is also hard to find too since I actually thing the wide-stitched collection was done originally in 2003/2004 and they just re-make some now but most boutiques/dept. stores aren't getting any....

    But due to my lack of funding....I must choose one only....for sure the beige flap bag is more of a classic choice, though it still won't fit my sunglasses and I honestly am not sure what color should I wear with the beige bag, the color is pretty but I am normally not a beige person.

    The coco cabas is absolutely gorgeous and good size for my petite frame, not question about it, but would the coco cabas be too trendy and will be out of style seasons later?

    I am torn about making a decision!!

    What do you think??
  2. What a tough decision!! :confused1:

    I don't think I am going to very helpful since I am biased and will lean towards the Classic Flaps design...they being more timeless and iconic Chanel. :love:

    Beige is sooooo Chanel too!! Not to mention easy to match. The Baby Cabas is lovely too, no doubt about that, with a cool rock chick vibe but in my humble opinion, nothing will be still be as gorgeous 50 years later other than the Classic Flap. The wider stitch is such a great updated twist! Perfect marriage of unique and everlasting beauty! :tender:
  3. The beige flap sounds absolutely amazing. Depending on the shade/undertones it may go with a lot of things. My fear with a light beige is dirt, or that it will have some color undertone that really restricts what it matches. I'm always a fan of the classics but I get upset when the bag I want to wear won't carry everything I need.

    The cabas would be more versatile (both size and color) and the color potentially less fragile, but I agree that you might be tired of the style in a few seasons. (Of course until then it will be so chic!)

    That said, I think my vote would be for the flap. Very difficult decision... If you find a photo of the beige flap I would love to see it.
  4. Even though I ordered the baby cabas and it's on its way I have a beige classic flap and it is one of my bags that I would NEVER part with. That bag is quintessential Chanel and timeless...
    The baby cabas is a more trendy piece although the diamond stitching on the base and the smaller size gives it a longer staying power.
  5. Ok, I just called bal habour back and placed an order, I have decided to have it ship to me 1st and let me think more about it. I will take pics to show you all, and I will have to make up my mind later...
  6. Good call. I can't wait to see your pics.:smile:
  7. ^ but i feel kinda uncomfortable when i placed the order coz my SA told me she had to go since she has a customer waiting (am I a customer too??)......so she had another SA to take my shipping info and CC#....but I so wanted my SA to double check the bag (ie. quilting is symmetrical on both sides when the flap is closed....leather has no marks, leather is not torn (the thicker stitches can tear the leather that's what i saw when i was in HK Chanle).....but the SA who took my info insists that this is a classic line so she has not seen the problem I mentioned (how come all the Chanel SAs are either blind or have been brain-washed?)

    So I just worry that they won't really care and send me whatever.....

    Since I also had missing packages from NM in the past (though packages from Chanel boutiques always require my signature and I never have packages missing from the boutique). I was a little panic and want to be sure they will ship it overnight since I will be home tomorrow......I have to stay home to wait/sign for the baby!!
  8. what color/style of clothing do you wear when you use your beige classic flap?? is beige easy to get dirty?? I am usually very careful with my bag but I know I won't carry white bag, hopefully beige is ok....
  9. Oooh, I hope you love it when you get it. It's like finding something you forgot you had. I think it will go with lots of colors.
  10. thanks...the stupid SA hasn't called me back and she's gone for lunch now.....I will be out of town next week so I wanted to confirm that the package will arrive tomorrow! But it's already 1:40 pm there on the East Coast and I don't know what's the cut-off time for them to do an overnight shipment to the West Coast.....
  11. the baby cabas is not that trendy IMO....
    If I were you I'ld get both (fund one with cash and one with cc)
    because I went thru a similar situation earlier this year and I got both bags (they were both classics actually) but I never regretted it!!!

    Good luck!
  12. I agree with Yorelica, IMO I don't think the cabas is trendy. But the Classic Flap that to me is signature!
  13. If I have the money I will definitely get both, but no, I have to discipline myself if I only have enough $$ for just one. I must pay the entire bill when the CC bill is due, not worth messing up credit score for a bag afterall.
  14. ok, i am finally able to get a hold of the SA, she also kept saying the bag is brand new in the box so it must be perfecto (whatever, they don't understand this is a quality control issue....nothing to do with the bag being bit up due to display). But sure I will get it tomorrow and I will update you all how it goes.

    I also put my name on yet another waitlist for the khaki baby coco cabas with her. I am thinking to sell my only LV that's left to help out a little so I can keep BOTH bags.....
  15. by the way, i am going to try my best to put a selp-imposed purse ban after these 2 bags.....have to....but don't know how long that will last!