What should I do?

  1. I won a B-bag at a good price and the auction is listed as New With Tags and the description says nothing about the bag ever being used. But just now when I was looking at his/her feedback, I noticed that the bag was bought USED. The previous listing also said the corners are a bit worn and that the bag is discolored. WHen I looked a lot closer at the photos, I noticed that the handles are a bit yellow and he/she took no close ups of the corners.

    What should I do?:shrugs:

    I'm upset that the seller was not honest about this and listed the bag as NWT, but it is a good price. But honestly, I most likely would have passed it up and just listed in Achtung for everyone else if I had known it was
    used and starting to yellow a bit.

    Will I get a bad feedback??
  2. you have every right to undo this transaction if you thought you were buying a new bag which isn't. I doubt you'll get a ding for a return, assuming you want to return it. That's a pretty significant misrepresentation.
  3. OK, I re-looked at the auction and it says at the bottom (I have no clue why I didn't see this before), he/she says

    "The bag is slightly darkened on the handles, but you can easily fix that with any leather clearners out in the market. Other than that the bag has no imperfections. There are NO scratches, scuffs, or tears. It's in excellent condition!"

    But it still doesn't mention worn corners.

    Also, can they list it as new with tags if it has darkened handles, scuffs, and the previous owner disclosed that it is used??
  4. If you haven't paid yet, I'd email the seller and tell them they grossly misrepresented the condition of the bag and you'd like to both wash your hands of the transaction. It's been a long time since I sold on eBay but I remember the seller can get their listing and closing fees back from eBay so they shouldn't lose any money from this.

    If you have already paid, I'd wait to receive the bag and examine it. Maybe it'd be acceptable to you, maybe not. If not, I'd write a nice letter asking why they listed a used bag as new? Point out what you've already told us and hopefully they will work with you.

    Good luck!
  5. I hope you haven't paid for it yet? because you can e-mail her and cancel the transaction and she can file the dispute resolution to get her fee back from ebay. If you already paid her, e-mail her and if she is nice enough you will get a refund.:flowers:
  6. I haven't paid yet.

    I did message her/him and say that they listed it at new with tags when it is used (I guess the previous owner never took off the tag inside, I do that too) and that he/she did not disclose the worn corners when the previous owner did. I offered to still take the bag if he/she took off some more off the price since I felt a bit mislead.

    Hopefully that solves everything =)
  7. Good Luck!
    I am sure some thing will work out, :yes: but don't pay her/him yet. :flowers:
  8. Thanks! I hope it does too =)
  9. Hi Liz, What did you end up doing? I hope every thing worked out for you.:smile:
  10. Here is what the seller replied with:
    "[FONT=Arial, Verdana]I listed it as NEW WITH TAGS because the other option was New WITHOUT TAGS and those were the only two choices. And since I did have all the tags including the recipt,all tags like the price ticket, contrallo cards and the like..I decided to go with that option. There is no yellowing at all on the bag, if anything it's just a light gray on the handles only but you can use any leather cleaner out in the market followed by a leather conditioner and the bag will be back to new.And the darkening isn't even really noticeable at all. Lastly there are no worn corners at all on the bag, it's in pristine condition and if you'd like I can take close up pictures of all four corners for you ?

    If you want close up pictures of any parts of the bag to ease your mind, please let me know. To be honest when I bought the bag, I too was afraid of how bad of a condition the bag might be in but when I received it, I truely thought that the previous seller undermined it's condition. It was in better condition than I was expecting. There were no worn corners, no discoloration, and the handles weren't as bad as the previous seller described, that's why I didn't use any leather cleaner on it, because i thought it was fine the way it looked.

    Anyways I'm willing to send you bigger pictures of the whole bag. The inside, the corners, the handles, etc. Just let me know.


    It makes me confused because why would the previous seller say the corners are worn if they're not?

    Should I still go through with the transaction?
  11. I wonder if the seller simply overlooked the OTHER feature when he/she was listing the bag? As far as worn corners, perhaps the seller just wants to cover all basis. I hope you get a resolution to this. Goodluck!
  12. when you list items it gives you a 3rd choice besides the NWT and new without, it says OTHER. Then later in the listing process you type in the condition. Can you post the pix here for us to see?
  13. ask for lots of clear photos of the corners and handles in daylight and then decide what to do from there.
  14. Well, the original listing for the item said this:
    "Additional Info: 100% Authentic Balenciaga twiggy! I collect bbags and I've reached a point where I have way too many....so my loss is your gain! Ice blue is one of the rare colors to come by, especially in the twiggy style!
    One of the bottom corners is slightly worn (not noticable when carrying but I'm just mentioning it). All the tassles are still intact and have not split! The handles are in great condition and are only slightly yellow...it isn't so yellow that it contrasts noticably against the bag (please check photos). "

    But I can no longer view the photos anymore. I requested new photos from the current seller but they are not close nor clear enough to see the leather condition:
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]

  15. Don't want seller to look bad because he/she is trying to work with me. I have removed what was written here.