What should I do?

  1. I bought the jack & lucie keychain on impulse and have absolutely no use for it, and I have the red groom agenda that I'll frankly NEVER use. So what should I do? Exchange it for something else or just straight up return them? I've been eyeing the Koala wallet in monogram cause of the buckle but it seems like such a woman's wallet, what are your opinions?
  2. exchange them and get something you like or use..or get refund for future purchase..
  3. Well, if you are not sure, refund will be better unless you have really decided to go for the koala wallet. You don't want to regret another purchase, do you? :P
  4. No reason to keep something you are not in love with. I know that you like the koala & that is something you will use, not to girly IMO & it will be good in one of your bags.
  5. If you bought it on impulse and have no use for it and will never use it, return it for a refund and wait until there is something you really want.
  6. If possible, return/exchange them.
  7. i would der exchange it for something you really want and know you will use...if you can't find anyting you want at the moment make a return and use the money towards something else in the future!! gluck with the decision!
  8. I think the koala is girly.
  9. I agree with the others here. Definitely return the items if you don't really love them. As for the Koala, I kinda think it seems like a girly wallet.
  10. Refund!!!
  11. return them and wait for something you fall in love with and must have.
  12. I saw them the keychains today and they are very cute but I decided not to purchase them. I would return the items you know you will not use and purchase something you WILL use;)
  13. Return it or axchange for something that you know you will use. As far as the koala wallet, it is femenine.