What should I do?

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  1. I have the: COATED CANVAS LEAH TOTE in brown (can return)

    Now thinking of the matching wristlet..and penlope shopper instead.

    I also have a $50.00 giftcard from Coach.
  2. Theyre all very cute! Does size matter for you?
  3. I like the big bag but the shopper would be okay in size. I will admit at 41 I wonder if am to old for the leah tote.
  4. ^ Of course not! Especially if you truly like it. I am really liking that penelope shopper though :graucho:
  5. I really like the look of the op art shoppers...I saw them IRL yesterday...super cute! I like the lines of penelope...hate the leah.
  6. I really thought that the penelope op art shopper IRL was super cute, especially in green...I ended up getting a wristlet in that pattern in lilac.
    Not a Leah fan here myself, but 41 is DEFINITELY NOT too old to be carrying either of these bags!:nogood:
  7. I like both...however I am not having (getting both). I do find that if I have a big bag...I carry the world in it.

    Here is what I do own:

    Chelsea hobo
    Signature shoulder tote
    Small Patchwork (denim shoulder hobo)

    I am really starting to lean towards that shopper! I can still return my other bag (the Leah) which I got with my credit.
  8. No matter what we claim to the men in our lives, size does matter . . . . :roflmfao:
  9. u r hilarious...
  10. Get something else--anything--I hate the Leah too. :yucky:
  11. I say return the Leah and get something else. I never liked the Leah when it first came out.
  12. returned the bag. Now I have a $314.00 credit and a $50.00 gift card. I am going to the outlet on Monday. So we shall see. I only plan on using the credit then laying off Coach till the economy gets better.
  13. #13 Jan 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
    That's great and congratulations! Now you can spend your $364.00 on a lot of great stuff at the outlet. Maybe get a gorgeous leather Carly or Zoe and dress it up with accessories and/or a ponytail scarf. You may even have enough left for a wristlet/wallet/mini skinny/perfume keyfob (or all of the above).

    Enjoy your shopping trip!

    BTW, ITA with LouPole,...size does matter. ;)
  14. I think Penelope beats Leah, easily.