What should I do?

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  1. Okay, I'm having a huge problem. I live outside the US, and I have "rented" a US address to be able to have an item send to me. I fell in love with something from Macy's sold through amazon.com. It says there are 6 in stock, but after typing in my address, credit card number etc it says there are none left! So I went back and tried again, and the same thing happens. I have contacted Macy's "Amazon department", and they told me they can't help me and that I should contact Amazon. And Amazon tells me I need to contact Macy's! :cursing: So what should I do now? Has this ever happened to anyone in here? I'm totally in love with the bag, and I can't find it anywhere else online.
  2. Amazon annoys me for this reason.
    I don't have anythign to do w/ your address part of it, but many times I've tried to order a product from Amazon only to find out thre's not any.
  3. If you know the company that makes the bag, try their website, if they don't have any other retailers listed there, email them and tell them you want one. They will hook you up!
  4. did that :sad: no dice

  5. Unfortunately I don't think that's possible. I have been looking for this thing for weeks, and I have only found it a couple of places. And then when I try to order it just redirects me to a main site where they are no longer in stock! :cursing: