What should i do???

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  1. It's cute- not crazy about the dimentions of the handbag, not practical like you said. But it is an attention getter.
  2. I think the bag is cute. If you aren't one of those people who carry a water bottle, agenda, and magazine around it can be practical.
  3. It's actually a great size in real life. I love it, personally. Tons of pockets. But then, I'm a huge HH fan. Maybe check in the HH subforum and see if anyone there can tell you more about the size or capacity.
  4. It's cute, it's actually very roomy because it's a thick bag. I bought one in ruby, but had to return it because the red is very dark, but I think this Anthrite color would look great.
  5. What do you mean by practical?
    Color? It's a neutral.
    Too blingy? Nope....HH bags are much more subdued IRL.
    Check out the HH subforum for photos.

    As for functionality IF the bag is the right size....that is what HH is known for...user-friendly bags with lots of pockets/easy access, etc.

    Great price. And yes, I am a Hayden Harnett fan (we call ourselves HHHoes).
  6. I love it! :nuts: The anthrite color is stunning!
  7. Not my cup of tea, but you certainly seem to like it :tup: It seems it is roomy enough and the color would compliment many an outfit. Worn correctly it could double as a day bag or afternoon and evening bag.

    Go for it, the price is right, too!
  8. I love that bag, the detailing is so cool! It's such an amazing price too!
  9. it's a cute bag. i don't know if i'd get it, mainly cuz of the shape. but it's a great price.