what should I do??

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  1. I purchased 2 bags: timeless clutch and accordion flap last Thursday from Saks, paid for overnight shipping. the clutch has arrived on monday, but haven't received the accordion flap until today. I tried to email my SA but he didn't reply. Tried to text him also, still no respond. Last week, I asked him the tracking number so I can track down the package but he said he order the bag from another store so he can't give me the track number. Is this normal?? What should I do?? It drives me crazy :hysteric:
  2. I think Saks uses Fedex. Go to the Fedex website and track the item by reference. For example, you can just put in the last name the bag was shipped to and the zip code information, it should show up. If not, then call Fedex, and tell them the recipient information. Fedex will be able to locate the shipping information for you if it was shipped out.

    Good luck!
  3. You could ask him which store its coming from and call that store -- the customer service personnel should be able to assist you...

    after you get it, I would ask for a refund on shipping if its taking them this long.
  4. happymm: you're my angel :hugs: I finally track down the package and it has been delivered twice to my bff house, but no one's home, fedex cannot leave the package since its over $500 value. Such a relief, at least I know where my bag is :sweatdrop:

    whome: i wish I could, but its not their fault. The package supposed to arrive on Tuesday but no one home.
  5. Glad that I can help! Go grab the bag first thing in the morning and enjoy it! Please show us pictures!
  6. of course i will!!! I'm waiting for that moment too..will post pic once I get the bag..maybe mid April.. since the bag should be sent to Singapore at my other friend's house and finally bring it home with me.. Such a long haul for the bag and long wait for me :girlsigh:
  7. I-Shop, so glad to hear that the bag was found! Wow, your bag is really racking up those miles! :P
  8. yupe, if all my bags trip can accumulate to Asia Miles, i think I can get free tickets by now :roflmfao: