what should i do????

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  1. ok i was wondering i went to the lv store finally like a day ago and i fell in LOVE with the Mc speedy :love:the sa pulled out other bags but i knew that the speedy stole my heart know i know what bag to save up for but now i am still undecided about the wallet should i just go and get the mono/damier pochette accessiores (i really plan on buying those two) or should i get a zippy wallet or pochette wallet o and pochette gm, or since i am going to spend like 2,000+ i should just get a wallet but i though for my budget with that 700 for the wallet i can get a mono or damier speedy i am soooo lost pls help i have no idea what to do and i want to make sure i will be ok and not regert what i decide to get so please help me thanks for all the posts the advice helps sooooo much:yes:
  2. LOL! If you love the MC Speedy that much, put all your money towards it.

    I realized that if I did not want 5 bags/ accessories, I could have my dream bag Suhali Lockit PM. But I WANT my 5 bags!

    Depends on whether you want variety, or your dream bag!!!
  3. i bought a denim neo cabby about 2 months ago the bag was 1560 and then i figured i needed a matching wallet and that was i dont remember.. 700 something. Anyways, after a few weeks of using both i realized that yes i do love the matching wallet, but that 700 dollars could have bought me a bag?, jewelry?, sunglasses?, shoes?, the possibilities are endless. Next time i don't think i'll be so quick to buy a wallet until i'm really sure i need another one.
  4. i def want more than one main bag maybe an alma mc or manhattan pm juss have no idea on the wallet yet
  5. Luckily this is not a new bag, I wanted 1 for years and scored 1 on ebay which saved me over 1200 compared to brand new
  6. i buy my wallets new on Ebay for way less than retail, i hate buying a wallet from LV and then thinking i coudlve gotten a bag for that price..
  7. and i can always check on here and see if the wallet is real right cuz i am not so sure how to spot fakes yet
  8. yes, make sure you post in the authenticate this louis vuitton before you buy. You can find good deals on eBay.
  9. i would rather spend the $ to buy more purses instead of a matching wallet for a particular purse.