What should i do.

  1. I hired a Lady one week ago to come to me house once a week and clean things up for me.
    I came home from work to day from work and cought her trying on my bags and clothes.
    She didnt even say sorry, She just took the stuff the clothes and left them on the floor and walk by me and went out the door.
    What would you do.:smile:
  2. fire her. she needs to respect your personal belongings.
  3. WTF????????????????? I wouldnt of let her walk out that door without AN EXPLANATION!.........hell no!omg!Thats exactly why I clean my own house now..things were missing or misplaced all the time...Call her and find out why>???!!!LOL!
  4. yeah fire her.....
  5. check inventory and if everything is still there, fire her on the phone without any hesitation or delay.
  6. I think that is what i will have to do FIRE HER.
  7. :blink::shocked::blink: no way!! that is crazy! she should definitely be fired, i think she definitely expects to be fired since she didnt even bother with an explanation... lol i would have locked her in my closet no one touches my bags and gets away with it!! :mad::mad:
  8. I did find any thing eles missing , But alot of stuff out of place, I am so mad.
  9. Make sure none of your belongings are missing. That's the first thing. Next, fire her. 'nough said.
  10. My God !!! she obviously cannot be trusted, I would not of let her leave, without making sure everything was in order. What was her explanation ? Did you pay her ? I would fire her for sure.
  11. Ok i am calling her right now and giveing her bad news.
  12. I came in to my closet to put my bag away and she was in there with my dress on and i said '' What are you doing'' she just staired and quickly unziped the dress and took it off and put on her pants and walked out the door, I was in so much shock.
  13. Oh ouch

    I would be so pissed!!! Can you fire her?
  14. I have called and called but there is no answer.
  15. I am sure she is avoiding you, she must know her days as your help are over.