What should I do!

  1. Someone just did a Buy It Now on my Chanel bowler. In my auction, I stated that bidders with less than 10 feedback or negative feedback should contact me prior to bidding or I will cancel their bid, but this person with 0 feedback who just opened up an eBay account the same day of purchase (Dec. 11, 2007) did not contact me, but went ahead and did a BIN. They did provide a confirmed address.

    I would hate to have any problems with this transaction because I've been an eBay member for 6 years and have 100% feedback. If I don't go through with it, they might leave negative feedback. :sad:

    Please help!
  2. Why wouldn't you go through with it? They have already paid and they have a confirmed address. Everybody starts with 0, it doesn't mean they are going to be a problem.

    Just protect yourself as you always would, maybe add a security tag, ship with DC, insurance and signature confirmation if it is over $250. Contact the buyer first and communicate with them through email.

    Good luck
  3. Yeah, I know that everyone starts with 0. It's just that she didn't contact me prior to bidding/buying like I stated in my auction and she just opened an account the same day of purchase is why I'm a little concerned.

    I will definitely be shipping with delivery and signature confirmation. What kind of security tag would you suggest?

  4. Some of the girls here use padlocks with combination lock, tyvek bands, or they even hand make their own. I think the padlocks are agreat idea, just don't put it somewhere where the buyer can't open the bag and view it from the inside. Possibly on a handle?
  5. If and when I bother with a security tag (not often) I use a tyvek band, which is a LOT cheaper than a padlock! Padlocks also add a good chunk of weight when shipping the bag--something to think about.

    BTW you really have no choice but to complete the transaction--the buyer paid promptly and with a confirmed address. Whether or not you asked for low FB buyers to contact you really has little meaning because according to eBay that's not an enforceable term of an auction even though sellers love to put that in there. So, you really have to send her the bag, or risk being reported as a non-performing seller.
  6. If the buyer paid promptly and has a confirmed shipping address, I'll ship even if she has zero feedback and didn't comply with my rules. Everyone has to start somewhere, and not all zero feedback buyers are nightmare buyers. I've had quite a few zero feedback buyers or less than 10 feedback buyers, some even without confirmed addresses, and I've shipped them all (except one) and had no problems. In fact, from my experience, these zero or low feedback buyers turn out to be the best buyers as they're eager to do things right and get their positive feedbacks!
  7. Thank you for the security tag suggestions!

    Yeah, I definitely don't want to be reported as a non-performing seller because I have never had a problem with that.

    I have also sold to buyers with zero feedback in the past and I agree they can be the best because they want to build their positive feedback. I guess I wasn't as concerned with the other transactions because they were items that were much less expensive than this Chanel bag.

    Thanks for all the advice!
  8. I had the same thing happen to me yesterday on a expensive item. she opened her ebay account the same day she purchased my item and paid immediately. I am waiting a couple of days before I send, just in case something happens.
  9. ^^ I emailed my buyer and told her that I was curious as to why she didn't email me before bidding/buying as that is what I requested in my auction. I haven't had a reply yet.
  10. I wouldn't worry that much for a new buyer with zero feedback, as long as he/she provided you a confirmed address. Just make sure to place the security tags on the bag and take some photos before shipping.

    I just sold an high-end bag (BIN, Immediate Payment Required) to a zero feedback buyer and he paid immediately. He received the bag and was very happy. We have exchange feedbacks already.

    "Zero feedback buyers" doesn't equal to "trouble/non-paying buyers". I had another transaction with a buyer with 4 feedbacks. She emailed me prior bidding since she has less than 10 feedbacks. Guess what?! Her eCheck never cleared, and she doesn't communicate at all.
  11. I can think of a number of reasons to not go thru with it but one of them is that the individual has not demonstrated their trustworthiness or that they understand how Ebay works. I had a newbie purchase a brand new never used Furla bag. I had had trouble selling it because it was small and had an unusual pattern that apparently didn't appeal to many people. This particular person offered me a lowball number which I accepted. After she won the bid, she started haggling over the shipping. I finally agreed to ship the bag to her at a reduced cost. THEN the minute she got the bag, she sent me an email asking me why I had laundered the bag, why had I sprayed it with perfume, stating that there were holes in it, etc.

    All of that, I believe was to try to build a case so that PayPal would let her return the bag because it obviously didn't suit her (and non of the allegations were true). I finally told her to send it back and I would do a partial refund minus a restocking fee but she insisted on the entire amount. PayPal allowed her to return the bag for a full refund less shipping. PP actually asked me if I didn't want my customer to be happy! The answer to that was H377 NO. No ony was she an out and out liar but she had been a tremendous pain and was working the system. BTW, her name is "educationiskey2success". For heavens sake stay away from her and other newbie who don't do as you ask!! And that's my 2 cents.

    Of course, everyone starts at ground 0 - but she could have contacted you!
  12. Yes, I will make sure to ship with del. + sig. confirmation. I am also going to insure the bag and add a security tag on it as well. I just want this transaction to go as smoothly as possible.
    I agree, "Zero feedback buyers" doesn't equal to "trouble/non-paying buyers". I've sold to buyers with zero feedback in the past with absolutely no problems what so ever. Just feeling a bit apprehensive because it's a higher priced item.

  13. Awww, I'm sorry you had to go through that. I've heard many horror stories like that which is why ebay scares me at times. I guess I've been pretty lucky so far, all my transactions have ended well.

    I emailed her this morning, but she has not responded yet. :s
  14. Unfortunately you can't pick and choose your buyers on ebay and once in a while you will run into a buyer that is a PITA, but you can't judge all buyers by the one that was a pain.

    If the buyer has a confirmed address, and you protect yourself, and ship in compliance with paypals rules, then you are covered by paypals seller protection and there is no reason not to.
  15. let us know how it goes.