What should I do...

Jul 4, 2007
Las Vegas, NV
I found this SA I loved shopping with in the LV store at the Wynn in Las Vegas. Unfortuetly there seems to be some friction between him and a SA in th shoe department and on a few occasions when I went in to pick things up I was helped by the show department manager who was VERY RUDE to me.

I waitlisted for a mirage speedy and when it came in the shoe department manager answered when I called and said they couldn't send the bag to the address that I was staying at (I was out of town on business) as it wasn't my billing address. I later learned there were several ways that he could have made the situation work but he was so rude and unhelpful.

Anyway I have a Neimans charge and found a SA at Neimans in Vegas who seems to be able to find and ship me whatever I want to whereever I need. :yahoo:
Unfortunetly tonight my SA from the Wynn store called me again about a bag I inquired about months ago. I feel terrible as I really like him but I just don't want the hassels of having stuff sent from this store. I am wiling to shop with him when I am in town but for waitlisting for stuff etc... it just seems best to go through Neimans. I don't know how to tell him as he has spent much time with me when I was in his store.

Any suggestions :confused1:
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Lovin My Little Girl
May 23, 2007
Why can't you have the bag shipped to your local LV? Then you can buy from your SA!