What should I do?

  1. Hello all,
    I live in Toronto and I am finding it hard to find a part time bag with giant hardware in any other color than ivory. My SA is currently looking for a part time in any other color at the Holt Renfrew flagship stores.
    I called BalNY and they have a black part time with SGH. Should I go ahead and purchase it without seeing it and holding it? or wait.....
    I really am not 100 percent sure what color I want but I know black would be my safest bet as a first b bag.
    Is it true that the color Sandstone is no longer available in the part time?
  2. I don't know about sandstone availability but I think BALNY can email you a pic of the bag before you buy it.
  3. i would suggest trying aloha rag too.
  4. The Neiman Marcus @ Fashion Island, Newport Beach in CA does have a Sandstone GGH PT, Violet SGH PT, Mogano SGH PT, Cafe GGH PT available... I saw it there yesterday. g:huh:d luck!
  5. Will Neiman Marcus send to Canada?
    I think I found a Sandstone PT in Vancouver. The SA is 95% sure it is Sandstone.....but unfortunately Holt Renfrew doesn't use the same color codes as Balenciaga. She said the bag has been there since April or May.

    Is that when Sandstone first came out?
  6. Holts Yorkdale had a violet part time yesterday - someone was looking at it when I was there (i dunno if they bought it). if I'm not mistaken Holts Bloor had a brownish (might have been cinnamon) part time with RH a few weeks ago, not sure if it's still there though.