What Should I Do?

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I need your opinion about what I should do.
    I bought a pair of sunglasses from an SA this summer and she gave me her card. I am interested in another pair and called her yesterday to get on the waiting list.
    I was told that she was with a customer and left my name, phone number and why I wanted to speak with her. This was at 10:30 in the morning. I didn't hear from her, so I called her back at 4:30 and she was with a customer again, so I left a message. I never heard from her.
    I realize that I am not an important client who buys a lot of expensive LV items, but I was surprized that she never returned my call.
    I still want to be placed on the waiting list for the sunglasses, but I'm not going to call her again.
    I guess that I will just call the store and speak with whoever answers the phone.
    What do you think?
  2. Good idea. No need to wait for her to call you back, especially since you don`t know her that well.
  3. Definitely! Until you find a SA who does treat you like a very important customer keep looking. I keep using different people for my purchases. No sense waiting around...talk to someone else who may actually want to make a sale!:smile:
  4. I second that!
  5. ditto!
  6. I couldn't agree more. It was the 2nd SA I purchased from that I decided to make my exclusive.
  7. i dont have a regular SA so i jump aroud. anyone who is too busy to call you back for the second time does not deserve your business.
  8. call and speak to someone available sometimes when you waitlist time is of the essence so you may miss out waiting for this SA to get back to you
  9. Find a new SA!!!
  10. that SA obviously isn't putting you at the top of their priorities. I agree, get someone else!
  11. ^Ditto that! :okay:
  12. I third that!
  13. That is NOT true !! YOU are paying HER paycheck, she should be grateful !. You called her twice and still she has not called you back...she is very rude and ignorant. I would leave this jerk and take your business elsewhere.

    I would call another store and speak to an SA who is interested and wants your custom. Im sorry this happened to you :flowers:
  14. ITA ! I dont have a regular SA but there is someone in particular who I will try to purchase my items with when im buying at the store, she is lovely.

    In total ive used about 6 SA's, some have been ignorant and ignored me when Im talking to them. Others have give me Dirty looks and then there are the Nice ones. You will come across many.

    Just remeber that they work for LV...they dont own it. Im sure that you will find a nice one soon :smile:
  15. Don't miss out on your sunglasses waiting for this SA to call you back. Whether the SA is busy or not getting the messages, you don't want to miss your shades. If you like, the next time you are in, just casually mention that I have called you a time or two. You can tell the way the SA responds whether he/she is interested in your business.