What should I do ?

  1. .. I'm going to my Louis Vuitton store this month.

    I've made clear with myself that I just have to own the Pionnier backpack (inspired by matt :smile:)

    Also, I've fallen in deep love with the Suhali clés in black.

    The problem now is: Since I still have some money left and I don't visit the store more than 3-4 times a year, I wanna spend evey single penny :graucho:.
    But what should I get: The Damier Geant - Couguar or some kind of pochette/clutch ? Here I'm thinking the Damier Macao Clutch or Epi Homme Pochette.

    Love them all, but can't afford it all.
    Please post pics if you got any of the market pieceses and leave your opinion :tup:
  2. The Damier Geant - Couguar i love it.
  3. I would DEFINETLY ge thte epi homme clutch, the dragonne.