What should I do?

  1. This isn't handbag-related, but nevertheless I need advice.

    So I bid on this item - a nice vintage pair of boots in really good condition - on August 19th. After I won, the seller sent me an e-mail saying how she had just mailed the boots so I should expect them in 4-7 business days and how she hopes I like them, etc. I got them today, actually 20 minutes ago, and I opened them excitedly, holding them up and thinking that they were a bit small. So I tried them on and indeed they are too small.
    It said in the item description and the title of the item that it was a size 8.5, but it's more like a fit of a size 7.5. The item description also says that there are no refunds and that all sales are final. I e-mailed the seller anyway, explaining how the boots are great and the shipping was awesome and everything, and even though it was clearly written "no refunds", I thought maybe since the item size was incorrectly labelled, that we could figure something out.

    I already paid her a long time ago - $30 CDN including S+H. Reselling them is out of the question, too.

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  2. Are the boots actually marked 7.5 or do they just feel like a 7.5? If they're marked, then that's item not as described and you should be able to get your money back. If they just feel small but aren't marked with a size different than 8.5, then they probably just run small. Although it would have been nice if the seller had mentioned that, they haven't really done anything wrong and stated no refunds in the auction, so you should just list them and sell them yourself to try and recoup some money.

    Good luck!
  3. Unfortunately, as a buyer you run the risk of something not fitting. I agree with shazam, unless the boots are clearly marked a different size you really don't have a leg to stand on (no pun intended). The seller should have marked the length of the boots in her auction but that was also something that you could have asked.

    Did she make an error in the size in the listing? Then she might be willing to work something out. Other than that, I guess you'll have to resell them or donate them.
  4. I agree, if the seller stated the wrong size in her listing, then that is SNAD and you can request a refund and/or file a dispute.

    If she stated the correct size (i.e. the size marked on the boot), then that isn't SNAD.

    Being vintage, I suspect that the size listed was probably correct. I'm sure the size of shoe sizes has increased over the last few years (by at least half a size); either that, or my feet are shrinking! :lol:

    Personally, I am strongly of the opinion that sellers should be forced to offer returns, for reasons such as this. I feel it is unfair to not do so, as there is no physical inspection venue provided and online stores have to offer 14 day inspection periods, so why not eBay sellers?