What should I do???

  1. Hey everyone, I have a situation and would like your opinions on what to do. I had planned on ordering my Speedy 30 from Elux in the next few days, but today I found out that my aunt is going to Germany for a few days and on the trip back she will have a 3 hour layover in Paris...now I've heard that there is a LV in the airport mall and that overseas the purses are cheaper. Can anyone tell me exactly how much cheaper it will be if it is true? I'm wondering if I should wait and have her pick it up for me in Paris rather than ordering it online? Or will it be the same difference if I ordered it on Elux? What should I do?? :confused1:
  2. I think you should just order it from Elux. Oversea travels are such a hassel nowadays that you would doing a favor to your aunt. I hate it if I have to buy for someone else, tax reasons, luggage restrictions etc... then when you do buy it, the person might find something wrong with it and it goes on and on....
    So if you buy it from Elux or here, you have the advantages at your leaisurely pleasure. Just my opinion!
  3. I would just buy it on ELux. They are having free shipping right now too. And then if something should be wrong with it, it is easy to return. Plus if you want to order another bag in the future, you have already started a relationship with ELux.
  4. ITA with puteri & cinderella4282 - Just go with Elux.
  5. I didn't even think about all the hassle it would cause my aunt! I guess I've got LV on the brain...yeah it probably would be a whole lot easier for everyone if I just ordered it online. I just wanted to find out which would be the better deal because I am clueless about whether it would be worth it or not as I've never bought anything out of the country before. Thanks for your suggestions!
  6. Buy from Elux
  7. If your aunt will stay in Germany for a while, have her buy it there. The prices are only slightly higher than in France (my Mini Lin was 15 euros more than the listed French price), and you can claim around 12-14% VAT back.
  8. I would just order it. There may be issues with customs, and that would be a huge hassle if for some reason she doesn't have that long of a layover (ie: plane late..) Just order it, there is free shipping right now too!
  9. The only difference in price usually is by getting bag the tax fee (VAT) BUT I would rather order it online
  10. Elux
  11. There is NO LV boutique at Charles de Gaule airport.
  12. def elux!!!!!

    AND for some reason, you have to return or exchange.....it's easier!!!! =D
  13. Not true, if your American you can save almost $70 by buying it through France, if you really want one from France go through a personal shopper, like http://www.shopfranceinc.com/. She's really good and she just keeps the VAT refund as her fee.
  14. eluxury, you will get it much sooner.
  15. i vote for elux too! :wlae: