what should i do?

  1. i won a mj bag on eBay on july 21st. i sent the seller payment right away, but in the item description she said she would be away until the 28th of this month. she planned to ship out the item as soon as she got back. however, i realized that when i made the payment, i had used the wrong shipping address. i quickly sent her two messages (one through paypal and the other from my eBay account) with the correct address. it's been three days since she's been back, and i haven't heard from her. i sent her another message earlier this morning.

    i know three days is not that much time, but i would hope that she would at least let me know if she has received my other messages or that she's been too busy to go to the post offie. i would understand.

    she has over 60 positive feedback, so i don't think she's trying to cheat me. however, i'm wondering if she's having seller's remorse. if she decides that she doesn't want to sell me this bag there's nothing i can do other than report her as a non-performing seller. i really do want this bag though.

    what do you guys think i should do?
  2. I totally understand how you feel cause I would be in a bit panic mode too. I know, I sound neurotic.

    I think you should just try to stay put. You have sent her enough emails and if you still haven't got any response by Friday, then you should send another email that by beginning of the week you will file a claim to eBay.
  3. i agree with chloe. maybe shes just busy getting back into the swing of things since coming back from vacation. i'd give her until the end of the week and then file a claim with ebay. what bag did you win?
  4. thanks for the advice, tuffcookie and chloe.clementine.

    i'm just excited to get the bag and i want to be sure that it gets shipped to the right place. otherwise, it would be a big mess. hopefully, she replies to me before the end of the week. i don't want it to escalate to a claim.

    i bought an indigo blake. my first blake, so you can see why i'm anxious to get it. :graucho:
  5. i posted this in the marc jacobs forum, but i am hoping to get some more feedback here.

    i purchased a bag using the bin option on july 21st. i made the payment right away. however, i realized afterwards that i chose the wrong address (i had moved and forgot to update my paypal address book). i messaged the seller through ebay and paypal with the correct address. in her auction, she indicated that she would be away from the 20th to the 28th of this month, but she would ship out the items once she got back. it's been five days now and i haven't heard a thing from her.

    i emailed her again two days ago asking if she got my previous messages and if she's gotten a chance to mail out my package. no response. i emailed her again last night letting her know that i will file a claim if i do not hear from her by the end of the week.

    i think i have been more than patient. i just want to know if she has gotten all of my emails. i wouldn't even mind if she hasn't shipped it out yet. we all have lives and they don't revolve around ebay transactions. i am just frustrated that she hasn't attempted to communicate with me at all. she also sold a chanel bag for $1200 the day before i bought the marc jacobs bag from her. no one has left her any feedback yet, so i'm wondering if she's sent anything out at all. i want to contact the other buyer, but ebay is blocking my messages.

    what do you guys think i should do? the seller has 67 positive feedback, so i don't understand why this is happening. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. File a claim immediately w/eBay and Paypal stating you have not received the item. Don't wait any longer. Good luck!
  7. Try and find the seller's phone number through Paypal. If after you've tried calling and emailing and still do not receive a response, file with Paypal for item not received.
  8. She's probably not back yet, wait a few more days, but you can try communite with paypal, they may be able to give the money back.
  9. hello, everyone. i just heard back from the seller. due to some complications, she didn't get back home until late last night. she said she would be sending the package tomorrow. i'm just glad i heard from her, but i'll be much more relieved once the bag is in my hands. after all of the ebay horror stories on here, i didn't want to go through one of my own. thanks for the advice, guys.