What should I do???


Mar 29, 2006
This bag is SO pretty and I absolutely love the color! I would keep it, not too big of a deal.


Apr 16, 2007
I hate stuff like that!! :tdown:

I guess the question is - is the hassle more of a hassle than you being able to accept the bag as it is?

My concern would be if the sticky has been touched by paper, etc. It might not stick so well now and one day you might pull something from your bag and there goes your holo without you knowing - never to be found again.

I would send it back and ask them to cover the shipping (which would help ease the hassle - not much money for shipping, I know -but you should not have to pay it) - ask nicely at first but if you need to "get to the point" at this price the bag should be intact and one of the most important aspects was not.

Good luck.:smile:
I agree with purrrfect ... Because maybe a couple of years down the line. You might not be using this bag as much as you would love to. And feel that someone else may benefit this bag more. That someone may not like the bag without that holo (incase it falls out one day).