What should I do???

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  1. congrats on a beauty!:yahoo: i am sorry it was not a perfect experience, and it should be, so try to get a replacement so you can really enjoy it!:yes:
  2. IMO, if it bothers you then I suggest you return. You paid a lot of money for this gorgeous bag so you have to be 100% satisfied. I love the color, Congrats! :biggrin:
  3. aww, sorry to hear this.. obviously this isn't the store's problem unless they were just that cunning, but even though i'm a verrry lazy person, i'd be too picky to have my chanel hologram sticker filled with bits of tissue paper. And what if it falls off again one day and get's lost?
  4. I love this color. I would keep it, it's not very noticeable and does not take away from it's appearance. However, if it starts bothering you, then get a replacement or have it fixed by Chanel.
  5. I love the bag and I wouldn't want to wait to order a new one. But also the hologram just isn't something that I think about ...should it be?
  6. It's a gorgeous bag, I love it. The blue looks so nice.

    As for the hologram, I'd say it's all up to you. If I were you, I would request a new one.
  7. As long as I have the hologram, I couldn't care less if it was stuck inside my bag, or placed with the receipt and tags in a drawer. At least I would know where the hologram was. After a few years, the hologram may get unsticky and fall out anyway... so as I said, as I long as I had it in a safe place, I'd be okay with it. But then, I don't usually sell my bags. I just use them.
  8. wow your bag is TDF--have never seen that color IRL. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
  9. It obviously bugs you, so send it back and get a fresh one. Its hard to justify paying so much for a bag if you can't have complete satisfaction.
  10. That color is TDF! Good luck in what you decide!!! I may have to check out the Wynn when I'm Vegas this weekend.
  11. Nice taste Gina! I have the same tote and adore the blue! It is such a pretty muted blue; pics always make it look too bright.

    I agree with Jayne1 but as a picky person myself, I wouldn't blame you one bit if you opted for an exchange.
  12. Ok, Im getting another one. I called Chanel today & they are sending another one to me from Hawaii. So I am charged for 2 until I take the first one back, I just didnt want to be without one until the second bag came! Silly I know. I just hope my husband doesnt get a whiff of the credit card bill with both purses charged on there!
  13. If you're not completely satisfied, I'd rather return the bag or exchange.
  14. gooooorgeous bag! that colour is sooo stunning. however if that sticker really bothers you, and you're able to get a new one/exchange it, i'd do it, because you deserve to be 100% with a bag that costs this much!
  15. ^ I would have done the same thing...now you will have no worries and be able to THOROUGHLY enjoy your bag...Congrats..the color is stunning!!!! :yes: