What should I do ??

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  1. So I bought a camera on ebay advertised as "my mothers unwanted gift" then I go to the sellers completed listings and I see that the seller has allready sold 3 of the same cameras with the same listing and picture. The 1st person who bought one is now an unregistered user so I can understand the seller relisting it, then the 2nd buyer is from the US and the seller only posts to the UK so I can again understand the seller re-lising, But the 3rd buyer is from the UK and bought the cam yesturday and there seems nothing wrong with the buyer...then there is me who bought one today. So all these buyers, Im just really worried at the moment. Ive been conned out of alot of money before on ebay and I dont want it to happen again. What to you guys think ?.

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. I would cofront the buyer if you have any questions & would definately pay via paypal with a credit card so that if necessary & you have not file a claim you are covered. How is their feedback? Have they been registered long?
  3. They dont have that many feedback but they seem to have sold alot of electronics. I paid by Paypal and I e-mailed the seller asking them to post a.s.a.p, so that I know if it does not come by friday I will make a dispute. Something just doesnt feel right so Im gunna hold out for a couple of days and then if it doesnt come I will e-mail her. :smile:
  4. ^^^ Grr, good luck Socialite! Make sure to keep us posted, we support you 100%! :biguns:
  5. Good luck!
    I had something similar happen a couple of years ago. I bought a digital camera from ebay for prom and was going to send a check so I contacted the seller at least 10 times asking for the address so I could send my payment. I never heard a word from them until 3 months later when they emailed me and were asking where my payment was. I told them I had emailed many times already and since they had not given me an address to send my payment to, I chalked it up to a loss and bought a camera at a store instead. They didn't email back but had the nerve to leave ME negative feedback over it. Luckily I was able to have it removed (by paying $20 to ebay, I don't know if they still do this anymore) to repair my feedback rating since that was my ONLY negative.
    Anyway looking back, I'm glad I didn't use paypal or something, I don't know how many hoops I would have had to go through to get my money back.

    I just looked up that seller and lo and behold, they are NARU and after all of that, they have 237 negative/neutral feedback comments for the exact same thing I went through. That doesn't even include multiple comments from people who bought multiple items from them.