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  1. I've never had this happen before, and don't want it to happen again!

    I used BIN on a Braedon yesterday:
    & got this lovely email today:Hello, I am sorry but my assitant listed this bag and we did not realize until it sold there was an error in the listing. The bag that was listed is not what is availible, The wrong picture and style was accidentally listed in a template we use all the time for our handbags, she was suposed to have changed it to a Mulberry bag. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused but we cannot complete this transaction.

    So, she's obviously backing out of the transaction; but I feel like this seller deserves a negative feedback...or Perhaps I should reply and ask her who deserves the neg, her "assistant" or her??

    I've made mistakes in my listings before, but I've never listed a bag I don't have & always at least check them for accuracy on My Ebay!

    So how would you handle this? Have you ever had a seller back out?
  2. I take it you haven't laid out any money for this bag yet and she got back to you immediately and cleared up the mistake? If that's the case, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it...agree she should have checked her listings properly, but there really isn't much harm done, is it? (except for the fact you didn't get the bag you wanted, bad enough, I know...)
  3. It took her a day to get back to me, and I usually pay only when I've heard from the seller. She did send an invoice late last night, but this email was waiting for me this morning. Perhaps that was her assistant again?

    I'm still pissed, but I guess these things happen....but what the heck?
  4. Rose, that bag can't be real. That leather is awful looking. And it would be a pretty cheap Braedon at 189.00. Lindy has this bag and so do I. What do you think Lindy? Here are the pics of my bag and it's leather. It's a good thing the auction went bad. Count yourself Lucky.



  5. That Braedon is a fakeroonie big time, the leather is too smooth. A true Braedon has leather just like Lexie's, my pic does not show it properly.

    Rosen, consider yourself saved from a very bad transaction. And as far as leaving a neg, life is too short.

    This bag can be found at Off 5th and there is a 30% off sale this weekend although you might need a coupon. I bet you can find one in Deals and Steals. Off 5th normally has them priced around $299 then take 30% off, bingo, alittle over 200 for an authentic bag.

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  6. LOL-I guess I am lucky after all!! The Kooba Angels are looking out for me. :smile:
    Thanks girls-

    I'd love to shop at Off 5th, but don't you actually have to go there? I'm in the middle of nowhere here, ladies!
    Well if anyone here is taking advantage of the sales, let me know.

    Hey Lexie, do you recognize that seller? She's got a lot of Kooba's & Coach, but some look really iffy, like this Alex: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=63852&item=130101068914
  7. Oh wow! Looks like you really dodged a bullet that time Rose. Maybe the seller realized you would bust her if you got a fake bag? That one looked TERRIBLE. Why didn't you ask us to ******************? :lecture:

    Thankfully it all worked out in the end! :yes:
  8. Rose, all you have to do is Google Saks and get the closest Off 5th to you. Give them a call, they ship bags and will take a coupon via phone.


    Remember to only call the Off 5th, not the regular Saks stores. You may have to call a few to find your Braedon, but you will find one. My Cincinnati store is out of them, I called for you, that is how Lexie got her bag, from my store.
  9. Ohhhh...that's where I remember that name from. I almost bought that black bag. It went for 180 something dollars. I wonder why it is back up. She does have questionable bags and that's why I retracted my bid on that bag. But the Braedon does look good...but I wouldn't want to buy from someone who sells fakes :sad:
  10. I have no idea what i was thinking...the price was just too good and I went into a "make a killing" mode. You know when there's an outragousely cheap buy-it-now, the fingers start twitching & the adrenaline starts pumping..and I think I'm an addict & need some serious help..:nuts: Oh, gosh is there any help for koobaholics?

  11. I remember the name well, so I'm leary to buy from her also. She does have some great vintage bags up, but i usually just watch her auctions & don't bid after your experience with her sweet emails & seeing the obviously fake Sienna she had up.

    Maybe that Alex didn't meet her reserve? Or perhaps she has a stock of them?
  12. Yes, she wasn't very pleasant. I bet the bidder never paid or maybe she does have a dozen or so to sell...LOL
    Too bad, just one bad apple makes the whole tree bad to me, ya know?
  13. Thank god it wasn't there - sounds like you have had a lucky escape:yes: