what should i do???

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  1. I dont no what to do. I'm emotionally sad because Im not happy with my image. And not just my body image, my overall image. I could not get to sleep last night. I got out of bed around 2:00am, and looked in the mirror. I started crying. (I hate my nose, but I'm afraid to change it, and I'm not pleased with my hair, or my face either for some strange reason.) I got really dizzy and I almost passed out. Is there something wrong with me?? I was actually crying because I didn't like myself, and now I'm starting to avoid mirrors because I'm not pleased with my image. Other ppls tell me I'm pretty and I look great, but I'm not pleased with my self image and it makes me emotionally depressed. Does anyone have a solution to this?? I can't seem to find a cure for this problem.
  2. How long have you felt this way? How long since you had a physical examination by a doctor to rule out other problems (I'm thinking of the dizziness). You may be depressed and anxious. Is it possible for you to talk to a counselor?

    If others say you are pretty, why is it so hard to believe them? I don't really have good advice. I hope others with more experience with this read your post and give their thoughts.
    Best wishes.
  3. I would think you may need to see a dr and talk about this. Your doctor can examine you to make sure the dizziness is ok- and then refer you to someone else. Chin up :flowers:
  4. I agree with everyone mcb, please talk to a medical professional about your feelings. This incident sounds serious and there may be more issues that you have to deal with. This unhappiness about your image just surfaced and manifested itself very strongly, emotionally and physically (dizziness). Write down things that are stressful in your life right now. There are things you will be able to control and others that you will not.

    You will at least get an idea of all the things that trouble you by separating everything and having it ready to share with your medical professional. Talking to someone really helps. Once you sort things out emotionally, you can start by taking care of you by eating healthy, sleeping well, and getting a new haircut and outfit. Take it slow! Work on how you feel inside, so everything else won't affect you. Hang in there and let us know how you are doing!
  5. Yes, definately speak with a professional. You seem like you could be heading toward a nervous breakdown. I had some similar symptoms before I had one in my teens!