what should i do?

  1. okay so I really really want the legacy stripe french purse wallet and the legacy stripe coin purse wristlet and they're both available to be backordered :nuts: and I already backordered both :nuts: , BUT PCE is coming up :nuts:.

    I would love to get a 25% discount on those items so should I cancel my order and go to the store when the event is going on and order them there using the PCE discount? can that be done? :shrugs:

    i could buy more things if i got the discount! :graucho: :yes: :idea:

    any advice is appreciated :heart:
  2. You might run the risk of it being out of stock again!:push:
  3. I would love for you to have these items at 25% off but what if they are out of stock then? Are you willing to take that chance? I guess a SA would be able to tell you if you can use a discount on a backorder. I know they say you can't use it on a "special order". Not exactly sure what that means.
  4. Well, I really wanted the Legacy stripe oblong scarf. It was on Coach.com but said it wouldn't be available until something like April 14th (back at the last PCE). When I went into the store and tried to use the PCE card to get it, they wouldn't let me because they said you couldn't use it on backorders. So I don't think you'd be allowed to do it anyway. Hope that helps!
  5. I wouldn't even if by chance you can. I'd worry that as soon as you cancelled your order it'd be snapped up and you couldn't order it again. These are just some of those items that are worth having to pay full price for!
  6. Yeah, I'd just be happy to have them because they're selling like HOTCAKES and by the time PCE rolls around I bet there won't be any more! Don't take that chance, girl!
  7. Yeah, I've got the wristlet on backorder too and am keeping it! It's not worth taking the chance this time around.
  8. i won't take the risk then. i really want them!