What should I do?!?


Should I sell the Cornflower and get French Blue, or just keep the Cornflower?

  1. 1. Get the French Blue!

  2. 2. Keep the Cornflower!

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  1. After reading that Aloharag is getting FB firsts in, I feel very conflicted. I like my Cornflower bag, but my first love was the FB. After seeing it in the shoulder, I thought it was too bright for me, but I just don't know. If I get the FB, I will have to sell the Cornflower. There's just no way I can justify having 2 blue Bbags. What would you do in my situation?
  2. I fully understand, I am sooo lusting after the FB, but have the Cornflower and I haven't pursued the FB because honestly, I think that Cornflower is just so much more versatile. I think keep the Cornflower.

    I wish you well,

  3. I agree - cornflower is great!
  4. U shld keep the cornflower as i agreed with the rest that the color is more versatile....:smile:
  5. You already said the shoulder seemed too bright for you, I'd hate for you to sell your cornflower & then find the first is too bright as well :sad:
  6. keep cornflower :smile:
  7. FB is too bright IMO
  8. I said keep the cornflower. The 07 leather is nice but I kinda wish I got Cornflower, I love my French Blue but really would like a Cornflower as well.

    How's the leather?
  9. Incoralblue, the leather on my Cornflower is quite nice. It isn't as veiny as I've read that Cornflower can be. It seems to be a bit thin, not the thick, smooshy leather everyone posts about, but it's really a very nice bag. The leather on it is nicer than the FB shoulder that I exchanged for it. The leather on the FB shoulder seemed very dry.

    I'm still torn though because I just loved the FB when I saw it in NM a few months ago. I don't want to regret passing it up, especially since the first seems to be in limited quantities in it.
  10. I voted to get FB.
    I would get the FB and then decide which one to sell.