What should I do?

  1. Okay girls...I just received a foresta bag I bought from an eBay power seller. It was missing its caribiner on the inside!!!! It's a big bag and that's important to me! Also, the only OTHER bag I ever bought off of eBay it was missing on that one too!!! (And it was from a different seller!) So what gives?

    anyway, the listing said it had it....her reply was that it was sold as is, and that their supplier hadn't notified them that the caribiners were missing and they she would give me a full refund including shipping if I didn't want the bag as is. (I had asked her for a caribiner)

    Anyway, I just send a response asking her to get one off of another bag and she can list THAT bag as not having a caribiner. That way we'd all get what we expected. I have a feeling she's not going to give me that as an option.

    I'd rather she offer me a discount of some $$ than go through the hassle of repacking and reshipping & refunding!!! I think the bag is really pretty...but I love a caribiner on the big bags!!! Its way handy!!!!

    Do you think I can suggest a discount? If so, how much? It would cost her all that $$ in shipping & reshipping....so this would probably be cheaper anyway....:confused1:
  2. Well if you really want the bag (And if I myself really wanted the bag) I would ask for a discount but since I don't know how much you paid I can't really suggest anything. I guess it can't be like 50% b/c it is only rh carabiner but maybe like 10-20??
  3. That's what I am thinking too, because it's hard to tell how much that carabiner should cost/worth...
  4. Ok you know what? I had the same thing happen to me :push: ...who did you get yours from? Mine was a serious power seller as well.
  5. Chezmia sold it to me. I paid $164 (that included priority shipping & I had to sign for it...which was a pain because I wasn't home yesterday and had to go p/u at post office!!!!

    It has a tag on it...which I'm guessing is a bloomies tag? It has a "b" on it....so I don't know where her "vendors" are from...she said her vendor didn't tell her they were missing caribiners.
  6. That's annoying!!! How can they not check their stuff before selling them? They may think carabiner is not important & don't even mention it...
  7. Yeah, I don't want them thinking they can just do things like this and then assume that if we really want the bag that we'll do without. (That's what I did with the other bag that happened with....but I got a better price for it than this one!) And, it irritates me!
  8. I'm kinda cheesed she didn't offer a discount first...she knows that its a hassle to return ship it! I think she wants me to just forget about it and accept it. BUT HER LISTING SAID IT CAME WITH IT!!!! That is what I won't back down on.
  9. I know, that vendor thing sounds like an excuse... they still should check the stuff before selling!!!
  10. I'd definitely ask her for money back. That is not right. Tell her for your inconvienience you want $30 back ... start high because she's going to offer you less... plus tell her that you really don't want to be bothered shipping it back to her b/c that will cost you more money. Unless she's offering to pay for return shipping.

    These ebay sellers are :wacko:
  11. Ok, since you paid $164 I guess a discount of -10 or 20 dollars should do it. I mean, it's not the whole bag, it's a small piece and I think you can buy carabiners (But then again, I guess you can't hook them to the bag) so $20 at the most. So that would make it about $144. She should've have checked the bag and given the description better.

    Have you already given her feedback?? This is the reason why I always wait until I get the item, before I give feedback. When I get it, I might not think it's deserves a positive feedback and if I had already gievn it, I will have fooled a few people reading feedback b/c the experience might not have been positive at all. Especially since she has been getting an attitude with you too.
  12. Yeah but she tells you in the auction that the item doesn't have a carabiner/qee and she took a pic of it.
  13. I bought a bag (at Macy's) that was missing the inside caribiner too. I just put one on that I had laying around the house. You can get them for next to nothing (I bought 3 for $1) a lot of places. The bag I had was an Orignal print, so it had green caribiners. The one I used as a replacement is almost the exact same color green!
  14. They are just tied on to the elastic cord. And like I said they are VERY cheap to buy. I even have some that are different shapes (star, dog bone, etc) and colors (purple, green , pink) that I bought for like 10 for $5. Plain ones as cheap as 3 for $1.

    (I use caribiners for all kinds of things so I probably have - I'm serious - 30 or 40)

    NOt saying the seller is not "wrong" in the way she is handling this but I just think life is too short to get very upset at things that have little to no consequence and are so easy to take care of without a lot of trouble.....