what should i do??

  1. i was really in love with a monogram mini bag i forgot the name but it cost $900 if that helps so i went to the LV flag ship store in N.Y. with my boyfriend to get it when i asked the SA brought it over to me i was in love but my THEN boyfriend started to tell me how ugly the bag was and how it looks just like a bag his grandmother has that she uses for sewing etc and in the moment he made me feel bad and told me he can't believe i would spend so much money on a old lady bag. Im ususally a very strong willed person and i know when i love something but he talked me out of it. Since i went their to get a bag i was determined to get anybag...so i got a monogram petite noe which i had liked a few years ago. well i don't know why i did because i have used it maybe 5 times and thats only because i feel like i should since i got it. Im just not in love with it...i don't get excited to even use it, so my problem is what should i do with it? if i sell it on eBay i don't think i will get $500 which is the lowest price im willing to let it go. To be honest it irkes me knowing i have the bag don't get me wrong it's a great bag ...i just don't love it. I was thinking i should hold onto it in the hopes that maybe i will grow to love it. im just get mad everytime i think about it knowing i let him talk me out of the bag i really wanted:hysteric: .

    any thoughts would be great
    thank youu
  2. oohhh...this stinks! My DH likes some of my bags, and he dislikes some too...but remember to buy what YOU like...don't worry about what anyone else says! I know you value your boyfriend's opinion, and that is nice of you, but he isn't the one carrying the bag - YOU ARE! So....I would look into selling the one you purchased (eBay, perhaps a family member or a friend?), and save up for the one you really want. Good Luck! We are all here for you!
  3. I agree with espanv - If you don't love the Noe then let it go. Try and get back what you can for it and put the money towards a bag you will truely love and enjoy carrying.
  4. totally sell it.
    some guys have no idea why we carry so many diff bags to begin with haha thats why i never listen to mine. for them everything looks the same.
    if you are not happy with your bag, sell it, i am sure you can get pretty close to your retail for LV especially if its in super good condition and you have proofs of authenticity.
  5. I agree with the above responses... I would sell the Noe even though you won't get as much back as when you paid for it. Keep this in your mind next time: I'm buying what I like, I'm going to carry the bag, not him. ;)
  6. ITA! If it's in perfect condition you can probably get 600-650 for it on eBay.
  7. I say sell the Noe and get the bag you really love...its worth it in the Long run. I was actually in this situation myself and chose to sell the bags I didnt love so I could get the one I really loved. :smile:
  8. It's bad when our SO's don't like our bags (I have that issue!), but first off explain to them you probably don't like every little thing they do, your different people with different tastes! Then buy what YOU want :smile: you have to carry it so you need to pick it out. I know it helps if your SO likes it too, makes it more fun...but he will probably grow to like it but you will never grow to like the one you don't love!
  9. Keep the noe and make you bf buy you a new bag because it's his fault that you didn't get the one you want :smile:
  10. thank you guys...your all so helpful you and you made me feel better...im going to sell it
  11. ^ i think that is the best choice!
  12. Guys are such jerks sometimes. I hate when they try to control things that they don't even know much about! I think you made the right choice.
  13. Tell him that he reminds you of some guy your grandma used to date and kept her sewing stuff in. :smile:

    I'm kidding, of course! Get whatever bag YOU like. HE isn't the one carrying it.
  14. See if it grows on you after a little bit. You don't want to let it go on ebay for 500$ when you paid almost more than half of that on it. You might realize you like it in a few weeks or so.
  15. Sell the Noe since you don't love it. Remember next time he talks you out of something you love. Don't let him!!!:hysteric: Now buy something you really really love and remember this day. Because if he's not there down the road... guess what? You'll still have the LV you love and it never complains as long as you love it!