What should I do?

  1. I just got home and there was a message waiting for me from my SA. She said she has a Gold Mirior Pap in stock and that she is holding it for me. I don't know what to do. Should I get it or should I wait for the Dentelle to come out? I really can only afford one of the two. Help....
  2. which you do you just love and have to have? i would only get the one you really see your self using.
  3. I would wait for the Dantelle.... the miroir hasn't really gotten my heart aflutter.
  4. I would get which ever one you like the most/think you'll use the most! (But i do like the Mirior!!! :love:)
  5. Well I don't like the Dantelle so I vote Mirior, but really which do you love more?
  6. Go for the one that you think you'll use more. IMHO, the Miroir might not be the best choice as you might not be able to wear it with every outfit, etc.
  7. I vote miroir...the pap looks lovely in miroir
  8. I am DYING for the Gold pap so I wouuld say GET IT! I have been wanting it so badly I actually thought about spending the $2200 for it on eBay!

    OMG you are sooo lucky!
  9. No need to ask questions! GET MIROIR FAST! :yahoo: Metallics will be "in" for a while still, at least this summer and also probably into next season, if that's an issue for you.
  10. get the pap! the dentelles just coming out and will around a little while longer I don't think it's as limited as the miroir.
  11. Get the Gold Mirior Pap as this is limited.
  12. Go for the Gold!...lol
  13. I would get the Miroir Papillon... I like it more than the Dentelle line.
  14. Not a fan of miroir but that gold pap is TDF! I like it much better than Dentelle.
  15. Miroir