What should I do?

  1. I bought a purse through BIN on Feb 9th, and sent payment the same day.

    I didn't receive the purse by the 19th so I opened a claim on Paypal asking the seller to send tracking information. He never did, and finally on the 23rd I received a notice that the package had been delivered but requires a signature confirmation.

    Since it was a Friday and I was unable to make it to open post office hours, I have yet to pick it up. I plan to pick it up on Monday.

    However, the seller escalated it to a claim since the package was delivered.

    All I want is my money back for this purse. It has NOT been worth the hassle at all, and I'm sure that it is most likely a fake.

    How do I respond to Paypal with this? I don't want to close the claim (which seems to be the only option that Paypal leaves me) because if I send it back, and he doesn't refund my money, then I'm out both the purse and the money, correct?

    Do I just not respond and let Paypal look over the information? Will they contact me?

    I'm so upset over this, I just want it to be over.
  2. Hi Hats. Hope that this transaction hasn't ruined your week too much. Some sellers seem to be much less communicative than others (I try and be over communicative - the customer is always right!). Do you know where the bag was coming from - I know there's been a lot of winter storms / snow recently, and this may have delayed your bag (although your seller should have told you this).

    Presumably the seller has tracking information (ie he knows it has been delivered) - has he given you the number? You can use that to check when he sent it out.

    Paypal require that senders post an item within 7 days of receiving a payment, otherwise they are not covered by the seller protection policy. I wouldn't close the claim yet either - especially because you cannot open another one if the item is wrong / fake etc.

    Here's what I would do. I would go to the post office, refuse to take the item, get them to return to sender. The tracking information will then show that the item hasn't been delivered, and the sender will get their item back & have to refund you.

    I would do that because after such a troubled transaction, I wouldn't trust the seller not to have sent a brick / fake / something else. And if they have sent you something other than the item you bought, you can't open up another dispute & would be out the money.

    Just my 2 cents worth.
  3. Thank you. Thank you. You have no idea how much you have helped me.

    This whole transaction has been KILLING me. The seller himself never sent me a tracking number. Not once. I sent at least 8 emails (without trying to sound too annoying/forceful/etc.) asking about a tracking number.

    I finally got so frustrated with the lack of information that I nicely asked for him to just not send it if he hasn't yet (since he did have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed refund policy).

    I thought the best route was going to be to raise it to a claim, and I thought that that would cause him to respond better with me as well, but he never responded, only to respond with "delivered, notice left." moments before he escalated it, himself, to a dispute.

    I simply wanted to end the transaction the best way possible, I have left no negatives to him or anything, simply just wanting to get my money back and walk away.

    (Sorry if this is getting long.)

    So, if I refuse delivery, that won't end the PayPal dispute correct? (I was told as soon as I signed for it, it was considered delivered and PayPal would close for me.)

    So, in the meantime, it says that I have two days to respond to his dispute, although it doesn't leave me any action but to close it. Do I just leave it open and untouched? Does PayPal contact me?
  4. Also, I checked the USPS website and he shipped it the 15th of Feb, so it would have been one day before the PayPal requirement, and it did come from CA. I live in Illinois, and the notice was left on Thursday since I wasn't there for signature confirmation, and there was no bad weather. (That came on Saturday. )= ) But that was also why I was unable to pick up the package so far.