what should I do with this ebay purchase Im getting mad now.

    Okay about a month ago I bought a statue from a store on eBay transaction went smooth until I got the statue he was broken in several different places.
    The shipping included insurance with UPS
    so I called her let her know and since everything I buy gets shipped to my local postal annex the girl at the store sent it back the same day everything went fine I didnt get charged the shipping and she immediately ship me another one
    when I opened the box it was better raped but not on the bottom you see this is the original box for the statue but with the wrapping it barley fits its tight and if not wrapped properly and the UPS people throw the box or let it fall the floor it will cause it to crack their for break, so the bottom was cracked and broken I call her and let her know Im being very nice and understanding that she is not sending it out this way and I already had told her that she either needed a bigger box and I would help pay or better wrapping well she tells me can you send me pictures of the damage
    I sent them to her that Friday Monday comes and I dont hear anything I call she says I just got in I will check your email and call you back she sends me this very formal email saying that she place a claim with UPS to hold on to the package and mean while she will work on the order for the next statue.
    So I email her saying "What does all this mean I am not familiar with ups claims how long does it take are you going to send the statue once the claim ends or be for that also the statue you sent was another color please make sure you send me what I ordered thanks,"
    well its Thursday today and I hear nothing I email her again saying I am waiting on in answer I want to know the claim process do they reimburse me or you because she has an ALL SALES FINAL on her store page, and I wrote I want to hear from you today.
    Can any of you give me advice?
    What is going on and what happens when a claim is done
    I feel pressured because my best friend just found the statue from a local store and asked me if I wanted it because its their last one what should I do? :hysteric:
  2. You have 45 days to file a paypal claim....don't let that time run out. If you don't hear from her I would file a SNAD and give her a chance to reply, this will buy you another 20days before you have to escalate it to a claim. Don't close it until you get your money, or another statue that is not damaged.

    Good luck
  3. What is a SNAD if I do the SNAD I can demand my money back? I still have not heard from her yet that B----! Sorry but when they want the money they are quick to ask but if their is a problem they take their dam time!:boxing:
  4. SNAD is (me thinks) significantly not as described, anyway, you file as SNAD when the item you received is different to the description the seller had on eBay.
    start filing now as 4-the-luv-ot-it says, if you get the statue you paid for then you can close it, if not, you can escalate it into a claim.
    good luck...