What should I do with these Fakes??

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  1. I have 2 very good but fake Coach and 1 fake Dooney. They are all leather and really made very well and you would have to be an expert to know they are fake. I had asked my now ex husband to buy me some Coach bags while he was in Korea because I heard they were cheap over there and I got the styles off the Coach website and gave them to him. Bless his heart he didn't know the difference and brought me fakes and not even close to the styles I wanted. Should I Ebay them as "designer knockoffs" with the fake hang tag removed? I really need the money as I am an unemployed single mother of 2 now.
  2. you can't sell fakes at all. The only thing you can do is a) burn them or b) destroy them in another matter.
  3. Noooooo dont e-bay them ! You'll get kicked off with a fine. They are totally against e-bay policy. I know its really close to your heart cause your sweet hubby tried so hard. But honestely I wouldnt try to resale them at all nor use them, they are illegal.
  4. eek! don't ebay!

    chew toys, perhaps?
  5. goodwill or salvation army.
  6. they'll just end up on ebay
  7. I know that it must hurt a bit to keep hearing it, but please don't consider selling. besides the fact that it is illegal, it is also enabling women to carry counterfiets. I understand you need the cash, but maybe you have something else you can sell, one of your authentic bags, to get some money?

    Good luck...
  8. I remember reading about someone getting rid of their daughter's fake by writing "FAKE" in red nail polish on both sides and then throwing it in the dumpster...that way, no one else will put it on Ebay, either.
  9. That's a good idea!
  10. light them on fire!
    don't sell on ebay. there are enough counterfeits up there already. Besides, it's still illegal to sell "designer inspired" if they say "coach" on them.

    It was sweet of your husband but they should be destroyed.
  11. Are your children girls? Are they young? If so perhaps you can just give it to them to play dress up with.
  12. True I guess. I suppose I am naive to think that people in true need go to goodwill and salvation army, not people looking to make a buck.
  13. And I'll bring the marshmallows! :graucho:
  14. Yeah def. don't sell them. Even localy. Your could get a huge fine and maybe jail time. It's trademark counterfiet and it's a felony I believe... Not worth it at all! They fine will be more than bags are worth!

    Just throw them away or keep them.
  15. you can't sell them even as inspired

    get a Red marker and write fake all over the outside an throw them away.

    I know it hurts, but its for the best, and that way no one can steal them and resell them as real