What should I do with my Jumbo Carviar?

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  1. Hello ladies, i am a Chanel rookie. Usuallly hang out at the Bal forum. Need some advice please...:idea:

    I recently bought a Jumbo Carviar with Silver hardware from AFF for a steal of $1895. It is breathtakingly beautiful and classic, looks like its never been used. I love it so much. But my hubby feels it looks a little big for my petite frame. I am 1.55 m and now 6 months preggy, weighs 54kg. Can't wear heels at the moment as varicose veins are starting to appear with a vengence...(didn't have that at all when I was carrying my first baby)

    So, any advice? Should I find a new home for my lovely jumbo and get a medium caviar or should I just keep her as Jumbo is always a classic?

  2. Hey my dear frnd, personally jumbo is a great size and it's really versatile. Yes, it's a classic design and is a keeper. U will be able to use her more after your pregnancy.:graucho::graucho:

    I'm sure you have the bal work style and it's even much bigger as compared to this jumbo, I don't it's an issue to you. Medium size may not be an everyday bag as the size is smaller as compared to jumbo.
  3. Hello my dear! Still in a dilemma... The reason why I sold my Work to my sister is because it looks huge on me...:smile:
  4. Oops...i believe it's very individual preference. My sis is ard 158cm but weigh only 44kg and she love big bags. She always like to carry my work bag, vinyl cabas coz she love to dump lots of stuffs, that's why the size looks perfect for her:tup:
  5. Personally I would return it and get the medium. I think the jumbo looks too big in my opinion and the medium is a classic. If you are having doubts I think this tells you that you are not 100% happy with the jumbo so I would exchange it.
  6. hi stefeilnately, you should keep it. it's a classic, will look great when you are a grandmother and the price as gone up as of today. i wanted to buy one but when the SA at Taka quoted me S$4430, i had to think thrice.
  7. Keep it stefeilnately ! It's a timeless classic and to exchange it for a medium after the price-increase today you'd probably have to pay extra to get a smaller bag! LOL. Especially after you've had your baby you can still wear heels!
  8. Hi fren, my goodness...4430?! The thing is I don't see myself growing taller and from what I know, both my grandma shrank:sweatdrop: I hope you can find one at a reasonable price. Best of luck:yes:
  9. You are right on...but I was just thinking maybe i should invest in something I would use:smile: Thank you!
  10. I am 5'3" and I have no idea what I am in kg, but I have the jumbo and I love the size for an everyday bag. It will fit my essentials and if I just need to carry a diaper and some small wipes for a quick errand they will fit also. Other comments are on target that the prices have gone up as of today, so you would have to pay more for a medium flap which is more of a day to evening bag.
  11. LOL looks like ur sis almost my size :p
    i'm 159 and 42 kg and i also carry the big original cabas, work even weekender and carry a jumbo chanel... perfect size for me and on me :smile:
  12. If you aren't happy sell it and get the medium.
  13. BEST to keep it!!! :upsidedown:
  14. Do YOU think it looks to big on you? And remember , you're pregnant now & probably shouldn't make any big decisions on this since your body is in an altered state anyway.
    Why don't you hang onto it for a while to see what you think after baby is born?
    Congrats by the way!;)
  15. Sell her to me :smile: Seriously I love jumbos!