What Should I Do With Blk Soho Hobo?

  1. I bought this bag last year - I think it is a department store version - it is 10031 which is not on the drilldown and the serial # starts with C. Below is a pic of 10030 which is almost the same but in brown. You can see a pic of the one I own in the "My Collection" link in my signature. It is too small for me and the style is a little too casual for most of my needs. I was thinking of saving it for my daughter one day - she is 9 now. I paid over $200 but they are selling for $120-$130 on eBay and after listing fees, final value fees, and Paypal fees I would lose a lot of money if I sold it on eBay. Any suggestions?
  2. Where did you buy this bag? Does it still have the tags on?
  3. You could try listing it on Craigslist in your area. I have purchased a Coach purse off of there in the past.
  4. Yes, it still has tags and stuffing and cards. It has never been used.
  5. Then I'd try returning it to a Coach boutique and see what they say. If you can get store credit for it then it's a lot easier than trying to go the eBay route.
  6. Do you still have the department store receipt? Often they will give you store credit even after the return period has passed.
  7. if you bought it at Nordies, you can get your money back. if you got it at macys/bloomies, you might be able to get store credit back but with a receipt only.
  8. ^If you do still have the receipt for wherever you bought it, then I completely agree, return it wherever that is.