What should i do??what should i get first??


what bag should i get

  1. Damier Azur pochette:brand new

  2. Damier Speedy:used

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  1. Well i am a addict ...for LV!:biggrin: and i saved up 350$ for a Damier Azur pochette....but im having second toughts....Im not sure if i should get the Damier azur pochette or find a used Damier speedy??

    I still do not have a LV yet and i am getting unpatient by the day loll.
    I lovvveeee the color on the damier azur pochette...and i think its a very useful bag....but i also love the damier speedy,and its a little bit more roomy...

    What should i do guys???:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. I have the Damier Speedy and I love it. I say get the Speedy now, and the pochette in the spring!
  3. ^^ I agree
  4. Sounds like a good plan.:yes:
  5. I don't yet have a damier myself either and I"m also torn. I think the pochette in azur is stunning, but I would think you'll get more use out of the damier speedy for every day. I guess it depends are you using it for everyday or for evenings/weekends etc?
  6. My vote goes to the Damier Azur pochette!

  7. The damier speedy is gorgeous, I tried it on this weekend and fell in love!
  8. I would use the pochette for shopping....like when i go to LV or Holt Renfrew....or when i go at a restaurant.And The speedy i would do the same but i could use it just a little more.Both are very usefull but i just dont know.In january im going on vacation in Cuba so i tought that the pochette would be great.
  9. get the azur first! :yes: you can always get a used/new damier speedy in the future (hopefully by then they would have the bleeding problem addressed).
  10. Yeah thats what i wanted....i wanted to get the Damier speedy in July for my birthday. Cuz by then i will have enough money saved :smile: And get the azur pochette now.
  11. ^^ i like that idea
  12. ITA, Azur will be here awhile, and it's a good spring piece :smile:
  13. i prefer the Damier Speedy. i'm not crazy about the Damier Azur line; the color combination is a bit off :P
  14. Go with the Azur pochette, since the color combo is new and more exciting.
  15. Assuming you are buying a used one from a reliable source. I'd say go buy the Damier speedy first. You'll get a lot of use out of it. Buy the azure later, maybe you can score a good, used one later too.
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