What should I do????vintage ligne

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  1. Oh I have such a dilemma....
    As you know I have the grey tote. I bought it last year when I thought the vintage ligne would be discontinued and at that time although I wanted the black, they only had the gray. Now I have a chance to sell the gray and get the black instead since it is out again...I'd lose a little money on the deal but not much...
    Should I??
    Pro--I wanted the black first and it will probably be more versatile
    Con--The grey is not out so I can't get that one again if I change my mind, it is a little more unexpected and I do have a lot of black bags (albeit none that gorgeous...)

    Please help me!:shrugs:
  2. It's always tough to decide on letting a bag go, especially when you think you won't be able to find it again. That being said, I have never regretted selling a bag to get the next one I really want. Over the last 5 years I think I have bought and sold over 100 bags and not once was I disappointed that I had done that. I think you've got a great deal if you can sell a used bag and buy a brand new one, exact same style (right?), and it only costs you a little bit. Especially if you're getting the color you really wanted in the first place. Black bags are like black boots, I could never have too many!! :P
  3. :yahoo: