what should I do...TB26?B30?

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  1. Hi All.. Need some urgent Help...I am not sure what to do.. which one make sense to let go..and which one should be the right fit as to purchase.. . I tend to be a person who like big bags.. Like B35, but I find it very heavy..so turn down the idea... now..here are my current collection:

    > Kelly 32 Box
    > Kelly 28 TC
    > Lindy 26
    > Lindy 30

    I will keep the K28 ..and K32.. but I am not sure if I should keep the L26 or L30.. As i want to get a B30.. but also I want something that I can carry when I am travelling..so maybe a TB26?

    I want the bag to be use as much as possible..If I dont get the TB26.. would you suggest I let go of L26? and keep the L30? and get a B30 (love classic bag)

    what is your thought..?!

  2. B30 is probably equally useful for travel as TB26 - it depends what you carry with you. I love both bags. Not a fan of the Lindy so can't advise on it.
  3. thanks .... B30 ..can be everyday work bag.. but hard to travel with as it cant carry over the shoulder..
  4. For travel lindy 30 would be more useful than lindy 26, so if you are letting go of one lindy, i would suggest the 26. Also, the kelly with a crossbody strap can be great for travel.
  5. Thanks for the advise....I made the decision...!!

  6. Whatever you decide, enjoy:smile:

  7. Am glad you made a decision because I was having a tough time thinking of what my reply would be. I kinda would have said keep both lindys, buy a B30 and buy a toolbox on the resale market because you can get some nice ones for a lot less. I have a TB, B30 and lindys and would have a hard time parting with them. Definitely some of my faves. Not sure that advice would have been helpful.
  8. L30 have zipper which is better than TB without zipper for travelling IMO.
  9. I would sell the L26 and buy the B30. The L30 is bigger, and you can carry more stuff with than in a L26. I believe you will love your B and use it a lot. I use mine all the time, as an everyday bag, as my special bag, as my travel bag, etc you can't do wrong with Bs. I even brought it with my on a few dinner dates.
  10. Let go of lindy30, replace it with toolbox26...they are pretty similar in size... toolbox is a great travel bag, lightweight, multi-use....but, you will always want a Birkin! ..in 30(Not for travel)......I want to know what you decide;)
  11. I agree that B30 is much harder to get.. So I have bought the B30...and sold my Lindy30...keeping L26,K28 n k32...now I'm eyeing for a perlove tool box26..:smile:
  12. here is my new baby...

    Attached Files:

  13. congrats!! she is very pretty and elegant looking.
    is this in etain or taupe?
  14. Great choice to go with B30 - she is absolutely lovely!
  15. Congrats! I'm glad you choose B30:biggrin: