What Should I Do, Stolen ebay Ad & Pictures

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  1. Hi, What do you do when someone uses your exact ad and pictures I took myself. Should I contact Seller and tell her to take it down or should I contact eBay. It bothers me because I put a lot of time and effort into both. What would you do? p.s. - this person has 5 bids on it and is doing rather well.
  2. Report the seller to ebay.

  3. let ebay know by clicking on the "report this listing" in the ebay ad...you will have to have your listing # so they can see the person copied your pictures etc...but ebay will remove the listing..........
    a while ago someone did the same thing to me and i thought i was being nice by contacting them directly asking them to remove my photos & description but they were really nasty about it
  4. I agree. Report ther listing to eBay. They will take it down...
  5. You should contact ebay & report.. they will take down her listing..
  6. Like everyone else is saying contact ebay. It only takes a few minutes to take some pics. I don't get how people can be that lazy. The other thing is that is false advertisement. They are not showing the actual bag for sale. It's one thing to show stock photos , but another to show actual photos and try to say that this is the actual bag for sale. That is VERY misleading. I would be kinda upset too!
  7. Thank you so much for the fast replys. I did report her to eBay last night. But her listing is still up and to make it even worse my item did not sell (1st time around) and I relisted it last night before I discovered she had copied my ad. Now I look like the copycat and my price is higher because it is a BIN. (she didn't even change the font face or the colors I used) how stupid can you get. I guess my new question is how long does it take eBay to shut it down?
  8. Post the link here
  9. who is this seller? I want to avoid. They are probably not trustworthy.
  10. I agree, that way we can all report it too. Ebay usually takes things down faster with more reports.

  11. report her listing again by using your first listing number to show she copied your first listing...they may not have taken her listing down yet if you reported her using your second listing that started after hers.....
    as far as the time it takes ebay to shut down a listing it varies i've seen it take a few hours or a few days
  12. also message her and let her know that it is a violation of ebay for her to use your photos and description and that you'd like her to remove them and that ebay was notified.
  13. Personally, after notifying feebay, because I'm evil, I'd rename the pics she is using, and change the code in your listing to point to the new names of the pics. Then using the previous names of the pics, I'd upload a big pic that says "THIS SELLER STEALS PICTURES"

    Of course this only works if the seller is using the pics you have on your host. If she's copied them to her own host, it doesn't help at all :sad: Dishonest people suck.
  14. IMHO nothing will be served by engaging with the person using the stolen pics -- let ebay deal with it. If you are smart enough to steal someone's pics, you are smart enough to know that it is forbidden.
  15. I have done that before, nicely, but I wanted the seller to know why their listing would be removed. Believe it or not most sellers who steal pics/descriptions do not see anything wrong with it just as most sellers AND buyers dont bother to read ebays policies at all before they start buying and selling (they just learn as they go by getting pulled up by ebay for listing violations or non paying bidder alerts.) Regardless of their policies I wouldnt do that to someone because its just not a fair way to sell and when you have original pictures and description it shows you are trying to promote an item you have. I have always thought those that use copied pictures or ALL stock photos with none of their own it kind of indicates to me that they dont actually have the item so its a possible scam or that the item is not in the condition theyre trying to sell it as.
    I have only ever had to report it once but when I did I then sent the seller an email stating something along the lines of "unfotunately it is against ebays policy to use someone elses pictures and exact description without their permission and I would appreciate if you changed it." I then explained it takes such a small amount of time to take pics and write a description that would look more original and might help with sales also that its unfair to a seller who has heaps to list and takes the time to photograph and describe everything only to have someone just use yours instead of doing the work themselves.
    She was apologetic and changed it all and even though I reported it to ebay they didnt take it down because she did the right thing. Sometimes its just nice to point out what it is that the seller did wrong so they know for next time and they know why its annoying to other sellers rather than their listing being removed with a generic hard to understand ebay email. Of course those sellers that know its wrong and dont care wont change it if you email them but ebay will come along and remove it in those cases.