What should I do? Sigh

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  1. I saw that Saks.com has a deal where you buy two handbags and get a $400 g.c. and it ends tommorrow. I don't have a Saks near me so I have to go online. The thing is I dont know if I should get two bags and get my $400 g.c. or save up for a chanel instead. Or at least get Chanel another bag from the Bag Borrow or Steal outlet when they add more to the outlet. I even thought about buying 2 bags now and using the $400 towards a Chanel if I have time to travel to Saks. What should I do?:s
  2. In my opinion, don't settle. Unless you see something you like online, don't buy just because you want the gc. If you are saving up for a chanel, do you really want to spend $1000 or $600 (minus the gc) on something else? That is just my opinion...
  3. Always remember that those deals are there to get you to buy more. :sweatdrop:

    If you are saving up for a Chanel, then I think you should continue to do so. There will always be deals. I am sure when you are ready to buy, there will be some GC events or whatever somewhwere. So Stay focussed!!!! :yes:
  4. I agree with Mif.:tup:

  5. Yes, keep your eye on the Chanel prize! hehe =)
  6. You shouldn't let the $400 gc entice you. I mean, it's a great incentive and all... but you'll have to spend upwards of at least $1000 just to get it. And that's just more money you could put towards the Chanel -which is what you REALLY want. Don't settle... I always think I can get a moderately priced LV or something to curb my Chanel cravings, and it DOESN'T work. If anything I end up being pissed that I didn't use that money towards the Chanel. Good luck!
  7. Stay strong and keep your eye (and money) on your Chanel!!!

  8. agree :yes:
  9. Yup. The money you spend on one or two bags that you kinda sorta want is money that could have been spent on a Chanel bag that you LOVE. Get the bag you love, not the bag(s) you like. :yes:
  10. Spending $1000 to get $400 would take you farther away from your goal. Just keep saving.
  11. If it's any comfort to you, I am in a similar boat. I was tempted to get a couple of pairs of shoes that I don't really need to get the $150 GC. I'm holding out for a classic Chanel too. A good friend had to remind me to focus. Hang in there!:flowers:
  12. Defintitely keep saving and don't settle.