WHAT SHOULD I DO?! Seller went MIA!

  1. Okay, so I bought a bag on ebay about a month and a half ago. In all my time on eBay I haven't had one bad experience with sellers up until now. Immediately after I win, the seller sends me an email telling me his/her? (not sure which, will explain later) Paypal account can't send any more funds, and that I should pay by personal check or money order. I didn't want to trust the seller with all the money at once and be unprotected, so after weeks of dispute we agreed that I should first just send half, and I would pay for the other half through COD when the bag arrived. So, this whole time the seller has been kind of unreliable; I send 5 emails to her/his 1 reply. Weeks passed, and still no reply after I sent the check. Well, the bag was supposed to arrive today, and lo and behold, nothing in the mail. I did an information request a half-month ago on the seller and tried to call the number, but it was disconnected. The seller won't reply to emails at all. I think I've been defrauded. What should I do now? I called AND emailed eBay support and they just give me the same useless suggestions! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  2. Is it to late to file a claim with ebay? I know you only have a certain time span to do that. And you will only get so much back at that, my son saved his allowence and I purchased a game for him, we did a money order and never received the game, needless to say we only got 12.00 back from a 45.00 game, I ended up giving my son back the difference. That is why I only pay with paypal. Sorry to ramble on:cursing:

    Try to get what money you spent back, is it to late to call the bank for a stop payment?

    Good luck
  3. I think it's too late to do a stop payment with my bank, the seller already cashed the check. But I don't have any experience with this type of payment, anyone know?!

    ... The funny thing is, I sent and wrote the check to a guy, but the ebay ID is registered with a woman? :confused1:

    I'm going to try and file a claim, maybe the seller will finally respond! :sad:
  4. ;[ i hate getting frauded by irresponsible people !!!

    sorry u have to deal with this..
  5. so sorry that you are going through this.. my advice is that you keep copies of all correspondences you have with the seller and report to e-bay what has been going on.... keep sending email to the person and maybe, he will respond soon..
  6. If you have the name of the seller try looking for their number in the white pages, you can also do a reverse address check from here too. Find People with Free People Search on WhitePages.com If I were you I'd look up both of the people you dealt with, the one who is registered to ebay and the one who the check was made out to.
    Are they still registered on ebay & did you file an item not received claim yet?
  7. You need to go into your "my ebay" and go to the "dispute console". You can only open a dispute 45 days after an auction closes, so you need to do this now.

    Without seeing the actual auction, you may be covered under Ebay protection, which in the UK is £120 minus £15 admin fee (so why they don't just say you're covered for up to £105...)

    It's a long drawn out process, lots of faxing, but cash is cash, so I'd start a dispute now - item not received.

    Good luck!

  8. Open a dispute with ebay. You also need to be proactive. Send an email, then files complaints. Here is a copy of what I send, you edit out the parts you don't need.

    Dear Mrs X,

    I am unhappy with this transaction because ...... and I would like a refund. Please send a refund by xxx date or I will need to pursue this matter by other means and I prefer to save both of us the time and aggravation and resolve this matter amicably.

    If I do not hear from you by xxx date I will:

    1. File a Federal Mail fraud complaint with the Post Office (something has to have gone w/the post office, either your mailed payment or their shipment to you)

    2. File complaints with numerous federal and state agencies including, the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (FBI), Federal Trade Commission . . .)

    3. File a Fraud complaint with your local Police, XXX Dept. (you should tell them you're filing with THEIR police dept not yours)

    4.(Paid w/Paypal) File a Fraud/Refund request with Paypal


    4.(Paid w/check or bank m/o) I will contact my bank and instruct them to file bank fraud charges since this was a bank money order. In these cases it can result in your bank account being frozen and your entire ACH bank access being locked until the matter is resolved. They WILL contact your bank as well to report that you have fraudulently received and cashed or deposited payments at that institution.


    4.(Paid w/regular money order) I will contact the money order company that I purchased this from and file fraud charges against you. They WILL contact your bank if you deposited or cashed the money order through them.

    I will continue to follow this matter up and pursue it with any means necessary.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you by xxxx date with an expected resolution to this problem and information on when I will receive my refund.


    You name

    If I got no refund, I would file complaints, especially with her local police dept and the bank, for bank fraud.

    Internet Fraud:

  9. UPDATE: So, I emailed the eBay Trust and Safety Department and started a dispute, and lo and behold, THE SELLER IS NO LONGER REGISTERED WITH EBAY. So, I'm no longer doubting that the seller just ran with my money. A very smart seller too; he/she sold coach and got good reviews, so that he/she could run a scam with a higher-value item.
  10. Thanks for the link, it was very helpful. I think I tracked down both the seller and her boyfriend's (presumably) addresses. The question is now, I don't know exactly what to do with this information. :confused1: I want to call, but am relatively sure that they will probably lie to me and say that I am out of my mind or something. I called my bank, too, and asked if they could do a stop-payment or something, and they told me that they couldn't do anything. Furthermore, because I sent a check authorizing the payment, technically it doesn't count as fraud so the bank can't do anything for me. :crybaby: :crybaby:
  11. I know this is a lot of consecutive posts by me, but I wanted to thank you ladies for your good advice. I just filed an IC3 claim, but honestly, I'm not really expecting to get anything back after hearing all the horror stories on here. But, really, THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!
  12. I love that white pages thing too, it's helped me out a jam on more than one occasion.
    Something similar happened to me a few months ago, I won a BR jacket on ebay and when I tried to pay via paypal it would not accept the payment, should have smelled trouble then. So I sent a cashier check from my bank (BoA). A week passed and I didn't hear anything, so I kept emailing and finally she told me she hadn't received the check. I called the bank and told them that it had been lost, but like they told you if they go to cash the check & it's in their name then the bank has to cash it. So I emailed the girl and lying through my teeth told her I had informed the bank of the fraud and if she tried to cash the check then she would be arrested for fraud. Anyhow I never heard from her again and the bank reimbursed me. It wasn't a fortune, but $75 is better in my pocket than hers!
    I know it may seem really embarrasing to call him/her, but do it and tell them you are filing a police report. It's worth a shot.
    Keep me posted!!