What should I do regarding a Chanel bag I bought on eBay?

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  1. I just purchased a Chanel bag from eBay. In the auction the bag clearly shows the tag attached to the bag and in the auction it states brand new. I received the bag today and the tag was cut and was inside the bag without the price part that was clearly shown in the auction. I offered a lot for her to end the auction based on it being a brand new bag. Although the bag is in good condition, I honestly do not think it's new like stated in the auction. I am indifferent about the bag and I would have NOT paid as much if I knew it had been previously used or if the tag was not attached. I asked for a partial refund. Do you think I'm entitled? What else should I do?


    Actually the tag that is attached on the bag in the auction is NOT a Neiman Marcus tag that was stuffed in he pocket of this bag. Now I am wondering if the bag is even real. It's looks real, but why would she switch tags? I hate buying designer stuff on eBay, but I have no stores where I live!
  2. I would take some of your own pics and post them on the chanel subforum "authenticate this" thread if you want to know about authenticity. Otherwise, I'm not sure if this would qualify, but you could file a claim with eBay/paypal for item significantly not as described. I'm not sure if you would win it, though.
  3. Thank, I just did that. Why do you think I would not win it though? If her auction states new and has the tag attached, but once received no tag and not new, why wouldn't that qualify? Thanks for your help!
  4. I'm not saying I think you won't win, I'm just not sure what Paypal's standards are for categorizing things as "significantly not as described." If the purse is a fake, that definitely counts, though. Good luck.
  5. Thanks. I don't think it is fake (what do I know though), but I offered A LOT more based on the pictures in the auction with the tag clearly attached. Plus she put a completley different tag in the bag that doesn't even belong to the bag. And, I don't think the bag is new. I guess I would feel different if I didn't pay almost $700.00 for it. I want what is shown in the auction. Had I payed $200-$300 it probably wouldn't bother me as much.

    I'll let you know what happens.
  6. Did the bag was stated as "brand new with tags"? Additionally you can argue that the seller listed the item with pics. that had nothing to do with the actual auction -that is misleading!- Good Luck!
  7. Yes, it states brand new with tags. I like the bag and would like to keep it, but the point is I would have NEVER offered what I did if I knew the bag was not new or didn't have the tags attached. I asked for a partial refund and I have not heard back from the seller. If she declines, I will go through paypal and just try to return it for a full refund.
  8. hi, in this kind of situation have you tried contacting the seller first? Maybe the seller will offer a partial refund or something...It's a good idea to first contact the seller before filing with paypal...
  9. my bad...I didn't read above...
  10. Good luck to you! I think she should at least offer a partial refund if the bag came without the tags attached as shown in the auction... I wonder if it was a relist?? Don't back down! Would you return it if she doesn't offer any compensation?
  11. yes, more because of the principal of the whole thing. I really do like the bag, but being a seller myself, I have given refunds, returns, etc when I misstated something in my auction. I hope it doesn't come to that though and we can work things out. I will let you know what happens!
  12. Thank you everyone. The seller and I worked something out. Apparently she had two of the same bag. The 1st one had the tags attached, but this one didn't. When she relisted, she forgot to edit that part out.