What should I do? please help

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  1. I just bought my Palermo about 7 mos. ago and the strands turned really dark and ugly so I asked my SA if there's something she can do about it since its within a year, she said she can get it repaired, they changed the handles at no charge, ot took 2 mos. I finally received my bag back but there is a very noticable difference with the new handle. What should I do??? do u think it will even out after a few months? Or should i say something to my SA?
  2. From what I know LV handles usually get darker with age and I personally think it adds character to the bag. I just bought the palermo myself... and it feels like I'm carry a fake because of the light handles.
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    btw... was only the handles darker or the trim of the bag as well?
    I have a lv wapity and the trim also got dark... if that's the case it doesn't seem like there's anything you could do.
  4. Hi there - if you look on the LV sub-forum there are heaps of threads (and pics) about the vachetta (untreated leather) handles/trim changing colour (patina). All the best with your Palermo - it's a cool bag!