What Should I Do? Opinions Pleasee :D

  1. Hi! haha :p I'm going to NYC next Wednesday, and I figured I'd break my ban for one toki bag, since you can't really pass them up if you're in the stores looking for them :biggrin: I've already decided that I'd like to get either a bella or a gioco when I'm there... but I haven't picked out any print yet.

    Now, I just found today a foresta bella that I truly adore (as foresta is my favorite print), but I'd have to pay a little over retail to get it. Would you buy the bella and then go to NYC and not buy toki? Or would you wait until you go to NYC and see what's available? ORRR... would you buy two bags? :p

  2. I would buy two bags. Who knows if you will find the bella with placement you're looking for. The only thing you can be certain of is how you'll feel when you do NOT have the bella. and surely you do not want to feel like crap. hehehe. really though, buy both, you deserve it.
  3. haha well the foresta bella does have like... my perfect-est placement. But I *should* be saving money right now for college~ :sad:
  4. MAN wow so much for waiting around for opinions hahahahaah I bought it at BIN :p I couldn't resist! I've been wanting a bella... and I can't just pass up foresta...
  5. if i had the money at the time i'd go for both. there's no guarantee you'll find a bag in NY that you'll be in love with
  6. True. Plus, I am trying to get rid of that arancia. Maybe I'll just put it up on eBay. I :heart: this bella... haha I just had to get it.
  7. college will ALWAYS be there...while foresta bellas will not! how about that?! hehe.

    good job on the BIN! college has obviously taught you how to make good decisions. anyhow, saying no to drugs still stands.

    good job nancing dancies. hehe.
  8. hahah you are so funny~ I'm hoping that NYC won't have anything good... then I'll feel really proud of myself.

    I wish there was some sort of magical shipping that made the bag appear before you the second you get it... I am too excited for it :p
  9. maybe you will meet someone in nyc that will buy bags for you. something like a reese witherspoon movie. i will pray for you!

    i wish there were pills i could take that would give me the feeling that i just bought a new tokidoki bag. well, i'm sure these pills sorta exist.
  10. Hehehe, woah dinosarus, say no to drugs but say yes to buying toki!
  11. Yeah, I'm pretty sure you could get those pills somewhere hahaha

    Maybe I can get my BF to buy me toki in NYC :graucho:
  12. give him some vicodin and tell him you love him. the bags will come rolling in, my friend, rolling in.

    this is how I get my bags.

    well not quite. it's mostly because of my uh...personality?

    p.s. dear nancies (or anyone), how do you like your bambinos? i'm thinking of getting one in inferno and 2nd gen OP, but i've never had one so i'm kinda scared of getting one. scared as in OMG WHAT IF I DON'T LIKE IT?! not scared like OMG i'm going to die. still, both types of fear seem too alike at times.
  13. those pills exsist. they are called ecstacy:graucho:. haha.

    bambino is too small for me so i didn't buy one.
  14. i know they're ridiculously small, but they're cute because they're small. i guess this would make sense for me because i never have anything to put in my bag. just my phone and wallet. everything else is like 12 ounces of receipts.

    the big bags are for when i sell drugs, but that's only the first of every month.
  15. I love my bambinos~ They're cute for going out and such, and they fit more than you'd think :yes: