What should I do now?


Mar 30, 2009
I bought a pair of shoes on ebay about 6 weeks ago, and after 4 weeks of the seller fobbing me off and ignoring my emails, I filed a dispute with paypal.

The seller told me she posted the shoes at the end of February and that she lost the tracking number.

So i opened the dispute and a few days later she posted a tracking number.

The tracking number said that the parcel was delivered on the 31st March to an address in England, I live in Scotland... a few days after I started the dispute.

She has clearly used a tracking number for something totally different that she sent to a different buyer, I have emailed paypal about this bujt they havent gotten back to me yet and are just saying "we are investigating the claim"

The seller is being so rude, I told her I knew the tracking number wasnt for my shoes and she just said "ok whatever you think :smile: "

I dont know what to do now...