WHAT should I do? 'Nother Kale question...

  1. Help please!! :shame:

    DH says it looks like plastic, so of course that is all I see now. I got it for Christmas, and I haven't even carried it yet. :crybaby:

    So I am contemplating exchanging it for a different color/style...:s
    Any suggestions? Thoughts? Opinions? :sweatdrop:

    PS...isn't the fuschia suede lining purrrty? :love:
    BjarablackkalemichellePB300882.JPG bjarablackkalemichellePB300883.JPG BjarablackkalemichellePB300885.JPG
  2. If you don't love it, don't keep it. 'Nuff said.
  3. I got my Kale and like it a lot-It is slightly distressed-I posted it on another Kale thread. When he says it looks like plastic it may be that it's patent leather. I think you asked if it went over your shoulder, and yes it does. I got the medium and not the large.
  4. I know...it's making me have a sick feeling in my stomach. :crybaby: I'm so weird.
  5. Is the green patent-y as well? My black is slightly distressed, but shiny at the same time.

    I have the same bag (XL carryall) in Chesnut that is gorgeous....much less shiny and the kind of vintage leather that scratches.

    Would you mind telling me what the clearance is on the strap on your style bag? (Top of bag to the highest point the strap goes up)

    Thanks for your help. :yes:
  6. From your pictures...I like it, love that lining. I could be wrong here but I heard patent was big for this spring. Still if you don't LOVE it then maybe you can exchange it?
  7. I heard that too...but I *think* technically this isn't patent. I do know that I really don't like patent! :p :roflmfao: I would describe this as a bit shinier than a satin finish, on crinkly, not smooth leather. In the pic, the bag is stuffed, but unstuffed, it is pretty smooshy and flops over. If you were to look really closely on the pics at the straps near the buckles and just below them, the crinkles there depict how the bag looks whilst unstuffed.

    Here is what I found as a description of what patent leather is:

    "Leather with a glossy impermeable finish produced by successive coats of drying oils, varnish, or synthetic resins" Yikes, it sounds scary!! :wtf:
  8. Answering my own post here, LOL

    Although this pic is of a Balanciaga, and in NO WAY can ever come close to any other bag....I want to show it because the leather on my bag, now that it has been in it's sleeper (pics above were right out of the box) it highly resembles this leather.

    Credits and a big Thank you to HelenZ and Pursemama for your photos of your pretty BBags. :love:


  9. Yeah, I can't really do patent myself (sometimes I do like it on other people like the Jimmy Choo's that are patent leather). Your bag doesn't look that shiny to me, but it is hard to tell in pics. I looked at the pics again and I am sorry to say....I still like the bag, but I like those shapes and that lining is kind of putting it over the edge for me. What are you going to do? I have never heard of Kale btw, will have to look it up. Good luck.
  10. Thank you for all of your help. :yes: ;)


    They have some good coupons every now and then. If you do a board search for kale, there are a few other postings on them.

    This is the other one that I have in chesnut, but it's a stock photo. I had it as my desktop when it was on order. :p

    It has the same lining. :heart:
  11. Its a cute bag, but I don't love the combination of the color and shine on the leather. In a different color, it would look less plastic-y.