What should I do? No refund Yet?

  1. Hello Everyone
    So I have a problem. I purchased a Guicci bag from a power seller. She claimed the bag was authentic, but it wasn't. Her returned policy stated in 5 days with full refund minus shipping. I sented it back and she recived it on Thursday 4/5/07. She said she called her merchant to credit my credit card on that Friday 4/6/07. It usually takes 3-4 business days for the refund to reflect. I still have not seen anything. I sent her an e-mail and she she replied saying she will call again. I am getting fusturated on how long the transaction is taking. What should I do? Thanks for reading
  2. If I were you I would immediately go to your paypal account and simply file a dispute & escalate to a claim.
    In the comments space provided explain you have sent the back bag, the seller has acknowleged it arrived, etc.
    As far as I am aware all your seller has to do is hit refund from her paypal account, she does not need to make any phone calls whatsoever.

    Personally I don't think you should be out the shipping either, it would be one thing if you simply didn't like the bag, but the fact that it's a knock off should not be at your expense.
    Also once you get your refund report her to eBay's trust & safety dept.

  3. what is the item number?
    maybe i can help you figure this out
  4. If you paid her by her own merchant processor, keep in mind that it can take a credit card company as much as a full billing cycle to credit your card.
    If you are that uncomfortable about it tho, file a charge back with your own card company assuming you didn't use a debit card.

    keep us posted. I hope I understood your details in your original post enough to give an educated answer. I used to have my own merchant card processor and things dont work as fast as we sometimes want them to.
  5. Hello Everyone
    Thank you so much for the input. She e-mailed me a credit invoice today and mentioned that the credit should show up in my account 2-3 business days..I will keep you updated.
    Thanks a bunch!
  6. ^Good! If the credit doesn't come as promised, do like everyone else said and file a claim immediately. I had someone who did the same thing - I sent her shoes back, and a week AFTER USPS confirmed she had received it, I still didn't have a refund. She ignored my three emails about it and I filed a claim. Two days later, she hit the refund button and I got my money back. Some sellers just don't have good customer service skills. Good luck!