What Should I do? New bag delima...

  1. I posted a few last week regarding getting two LV bags vs one LV and matching wallet. Well I am feeling a little guilty and I really need to focus on one bag. here are my choices:

    A: Monogram Speedy 25 and Monogram wallet
    B: Monogram Cabas Piano (Coach wallet)
    C: Damier Saleya PM (Coach Wallet)

    I like the Speedy I think it is a classic. My only hung up is that it is hand carry only. (Also I had this before and I regretablily sold it. I know . I miss it.):crybaby: The cabas I like but, when I am all set to say okay I see a fake and I get all upset. The damier canvas I seem to have a this like/not so like relationship. Sometimes I see one and I love it other time I see it and do like it so much. So am am afraid that if I get it I might get tired of it or stop liking it.

    As you can see I am confuse and need help. What should I do?
  2. I'd get the speedy again, it's a wardrobe staple and since you miss it, might as well bring her home again. ;)
  3. Get the Speedy and the wallet :yes:!
  4. :yes:

    Get the Speedy, it is just so :heart:
  5. How about getting a pre-loved LV bag AND a new LV wallet!:idea:
  6. speedy and wallet
  7. If you do get the speedy get it in monogram and the wallet in damier or vice versa. Remember the new damier speedy is really hot!
  8. Go for what you really like, get the Speedy!
  9. speedy!!
  10. I think if you sold the speedy and you miss it, then it's meant for you so you should go for the speedy =)
  11. Speedy!
  12. definately the speedy :yes:
  13. Speedy Baby!
  14. I vote Speedy and Wallet too!
  15. Speedy and wallet..