what should I do? need help!

  1. I have a problem that always bothers me. my best friend has the same problem:sad: . sometimes when I go out, I carry my LV (especially speedy), I hold the handle in my hands, when I meet new people or talk to them, I get nervous, then my hands sweat. the handles get some water marks, I wonder is there any way could help to prevent this?? like spray or ...? it is kinds embarrassing, help!!
  2. stop getting nervous !!!
    lol :sweatdrop:
    I think you should make a plan and clean the hadles lets say once every 3 days for example with baby wipes so you make the patina even :graucho:
  3. I think kiwi leather spray might help. You can find it at Target and other stores.
  4. Wear gloves? :p :smile:
  5. i really dunno.....SORRY :sad:

    I hope you find a way to fix it though
  6. I try not to touch the handles with my hands too much. Also, I don't know how old you are, but a doctor can prescribe something to make your hands not sweat, or even Botox shots eliminate sweating.
  7. you guys are great, I always get good ideas from TPF, in fact, sometimes not only nervous makes me sweat, when my body temp doesn't agree with outside temp, it could makes me sweat too. I have this problem for many years, I hate it. for my speedy, I even got a long strap, so I can carry it as a cross-shoulder way, but it is OK with some outfit, not all!

    PS: thanks a lot, I have some ideas now! :smile:)
  8. You can try various leather sprays....or maybe carry a clean cloth with you to wipe down the handles periodically.
  9. maybe you could put a scarf on the bag, and use that to hold onto maybe when you feel yourself sweatin a lot? like in between your hands and the handles?
  10. not joking, I have 3 pairs in my car:sweatdrop:

  11. Who do you keep meeting that you keep sweating??? Start ignoring people and stop sweating!
  12. I think I will begin to take some baby wipes with me. scarf is another good idea, never think about it! thanks!
  13. Yup, that is what I do. :yes:
  14. I really wish. actually not only nervous makes me sweat. temp, angry and happy all can make me sweat. I even once think to ask DR. to do something to my glands, but it may make me not sweat anymore,so it is kind danger. :sad:

  15. A scarf on the handles helps. Just a little bandana one that you can loop over between your hands as a barrier.