what should i do? (keep or exchange wallet!)

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  1. hii everyone, thanks for all the comments on my previous thread helping me decide on what wallet to get...

    but i am back for more help!
    ahhh im just so horrible at making decisions..

    so i LOVE my sarah wallet in mono i just purchased 2 days ago.. and its perfect for everyday use like people are saying... i really wanted the vernis sarah wallet in rose pop though, it was between those 2... and i got the mono.. because it was more suitable for everyday/long term use.. but now im thinking should i return it to get the vernis? i thought for my first lv wallet i need to get a canvas one somthing that will last forever.... (the only drawback is that there alot alot of fakes, but i know mine is real and it matches my damier ebony speedy/galliera pm) ... however, i really want somthing with a pop of color in my bags because all my accessories are mono or damier.. (i only have 2 things, coin purse and key holder)

    so i need help deciding what i should do.. my choices below are..

    1. keep sarah wallet in monogram AND purchase the vernis zippy coin purse in rose pop (to store change, and extra cards that wont fit in my sarah)
    2. exchange the sarah wallet in mono FOR the vernis sarah wallet in rose pop

    help :sad:
    im also on a budget... and also this is my first lv wallet, so let me know what you guys think and whats the best for me in the long run.. in terms of how long it will last .. durability etc.. thanks alot!!
  2. I'd exchange. I don't have personal experience, but I've read on here that Vernis is more durable than most people think. The Vernis is what you really wanted, get it and it will pop in your bag. :smile:
  3. exchange it, if that's what you really want. although a ZCP in vernis is also really cute, but if you're on a budget, considering you already have other accessories in canvas... you should get the sarah in vernis :smile:!
  4. Exchange it!!! I would so be getting that Pop Rose Vernis wallet!!!!!
  5. Keep the mono sarah, and get the vernis ZCP!!
  6. Go for the vernis - vernis wallets wear very well over time ! :yes:
  7. Exchange for the Rose Pop Sarah...I have it and words cannot describe how much I love it...it really does make my day so much more happier when i use it....now between the sara in rose pop and my graffiti zcp i cant go back to just mono...hahaha...
  8. Exchange it! The rose pop sarah is TDF!
  9. exchange the sarah wallet in mono FOR the vernis sarah wallet in rose pop!!!!!

    I used to have a mono wallet and i did not like it. I found it blended in with all the other mono stuff inside my bag. I just got the rose pop ZCP and I LOVE how bright it is. So easy to spot inside my bag.

    When I first got into LV 99% of my stuff was mono inside my bag. I liked too match. After a VERY short time I hated that everything matched. When I looked inside my bag it was so hard to tell things apart. Now most everything inside my bag is different. Pomme Cles, Mono 6 key holder, rose pop ZCP, Mono Pochette. So easy to tell things apart.
  10. YES! exchange it!! the vernis is soo much cuter!
  11. If you can afford it, exchange the mono for the rose pop. I have Sarah in mono, I LOVE the wallet. But, wow, rose pop would be gorgeous!!!
  12. I would keep the mono sarah and get the vernis zcp!
  13. Let us know what you decide....! I am having same dilemma. I say exchange...it seems like that is what you really want.
  14. Keep Sarah and get Pomme ZCP.
  15. it seems as if your heart is leaning more on the vernis. if so, exchange it!