What should I do? Is this NASD?

  1. Hi! I purchased an Sue Wong dress from eBay in excellent condition that had only been worn once (listing http://www.ebay.com/itm/251086185520). I was so excited because it was such a great price and everything looked ok in the picture, but when I got it in mail yesterday there are 3 sections in the feathers that are discolored. They're a reddish brown color. I would think any discoloration wouldn't be considered "excellent" condition, but maybe I'm wrong. I messaged the seller and asked her about them and if it's fixable. What should I do? It's a really pretty dress but the red/brown spots are pretty darn noticeable. Help!
  2. I think you should wait until you here back from the seller. If it was not disclosed to you in the listing then you should contact eBay if the seller is unwilling to help.
  3. Those red/brown spots are not noticeable from the listing.
  4. She told me to cut the feathers off or to dye them with ink. I'm really hesitant about cutting feathers off esp since they fall off on their own (a few have already came off) I attached one of the pictures I took, this one is actually the smallest area of discoloration but you get the idea. Can I even dye feathers? And what would I use? I put a thread on the Wardrobe thread but I haven't heard anything there. I mean the discoloration isn't horrible but I can see them and I see them in the mirror. What would cause this?

  5. If you are unhappy because of what the colors are & this was not disclosed

    in the listing I would return the dress... If the seller is not going to be

    cooperative file a SNAD.. and by the wy,I would not fool around with repainting

    or touching up or recoloring feathers...
  6. This could happen if something was spilled on them like bleach. I agree, unless you absolutely can't bear to part with it, I wouldn't attempt to redye them. I think you should return it. If you really want to keep it, the seller should give you a hefty partial refund.
  7. Looks like small portions of the feathers were missed when they were dyed, IMO (at least from your pic). If it were my dress and it was something I'd been wanting, I would see if I could get a partial refund and use a sharpie marker to color them black. JMO, I'm not hard to please and am willing to work a little to make something perfect if it's an item I really want :smile:
  8. Ya, the seller said she'd use a Sharpie to try and color in the feathers. I'm going to sleep on in tonight and figure it out. I bought this dress for my birthday in mid July so worse comes to worst I still have 2 weeks to find a new one.. sigh..
  9. Have you ever seen this dress in person? If this is a common problem with dyed feathers then I'd be okay with it.
    It actually looks like bleach to me since i've gotten quite a bit of splatter on a fair amount of black clothing. If it isn't too noticeable and you got a good price for it, I'd just wear it as is. It's a really pretty dress, like you said.

    If it's just too noticeable, I'd ask for a return :sad: I definitely wouldn't sharpie the dress or anything like that .. ESPECIALLY not cut any feathers off! I feel like that would be incredibly noticeable ..
  10. I have no idea but I would ask for a return.
  11. If I got the dress for a great price and was sure I was going to keep it id use a sharpie to color them black if its just a small section. But if you don't feel comfortable doing that or feel you'd be self conscious wearing the dress id return it for a refund. Its your bday outfit so you definitely want to feel sexy, beautiful and carefree.
  12. OP any updates... did you decide to keep or return the dress??
  13. Hey! Sorry I didn't update right away. I was going to bring the dress to the local tailor to see if he could professionally dye the feathers and how much it would be. I was planning on asking the seller if she'd pay for that or at least half but I feel like she's ignoring me now :T I like the dress but I feel like those spots are so noticeable! I don't want to difficult buyer because I read a ton of threads about them. Should I call it a bust?
  14. I asked her if she would pay for it to be professionally fixed and she said she provided two options that would be little to no cost (cutting off feathers or using a Sharpie) She said her mom said the Sharpie method would work fine :T Ugh I think I'm going to chalk it up to a lesson learned about feathers. Thanks guys~
  15. hmm...I would return it if it were me