What should I do in Miami?


If you only had four days in Miami, where would you go?

  1. Key West

  2. Disneyworld

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  1. I'm going to Miami for four days with my boyfriend. I've never been to Miami, let alone Florida, so I have no idea what I should do while I'm there! I know South Beach is a must, but what else? I don't want to do TOO much shopping since my lovely boyfriend will probably complain and/or drive off and leave me at the mall, but are there any must-go-to stores while I'm there? We're also considering going to the Keys or to Disneyworld, but don't have time for both. Which one would you go to?
  2. i live in Miami and i would rather go to Disney world. while your down here also go to Coconut Grove. Has lots of bars and stuff. SInce im a local i hate going to south beach toooo much traffic. But go both you will like it . Prepare your self its super humid down here!!!!! HMMM in orlando theres alot of Outlets so you will have plenty to shop. HMMM In miami there is a big mall with lots of stores its Dolphin mall. PM me if you need directions or anything. I hope you like it here . Have a safe trip.
  3. ^ what she said - and don't forget dadeland mall and shops at merrick park :smile: def do disney ORRRR if ur not taking kids, do islands or adventure and universal studios in orlando for more adult fun rides! don't forget to have breakfast or lunch at mimi's cafe in orlando right outside of mall at millenia which is FABULOUS!!!!!! (the mall and the restaurant)
  4. I suggest you go to Key West beause even though is super hot you can go to the beach and go swimming to cool off..Orlando is soo Hot you won't want to be in a Park, in the heat walking around....and Orlando is almost a 4hr drive form South Beach...Not that the Keys is any closer..Oh, and the best shopping is Bar Harbour shops, it' the best...Have fun!!!:sweatdrop:
  5. thanks!! but booga, i'm not 21 (just a few more months!) and i'm not sure how strict miami bars are with IDs? i've been using an expired one in NYC that says i'm 27 without any problems, but different cities have different rules...
    and viviana, good point on the heat!! i didn't even think of that.
    by the way, should i even bother bringing jeans??
  6. we have a mimi's cafe in california, but i'm not sure if it's the same company. they give delicious bread before the meal comes out...oh! and any breakfast spots by south beach to recommend? i'm staying right on the beach for the first two nights...TIA~!
  7. You do know that Orlando is like 3 plus hours from Miami and Key West is like 2 hours plus driving time. I would just stay in Miami if I were you. There is plenty to do. Go to Bal Harbour.
  8. yeah, i was a bit hesitant at first too, but i thought i would get tired of south beach for four days straight. maybe i should just stay in miami...
  9. I was just going to say the same thing... and besides that, if you are goingto Orlando you should really spend some time there and visit not only disney, but universal, islands of adventure, and othr parks... but there's a lot of thing that you can do in miami.

    If u want to go shopping u should definitely go to sawgrass mall, it's not in the miami area, but it's totally worth the ride, theres tons of outlets and you'll find great prices. And Bal Harbour has the best stores! LV, Chanel, Dior, Gucci....:drool:
    You can go to Bayside, very nice place, and you can take a boat tour to see some celebrities homes. They also have a very nice mall there.
    There's the everglades, and the airboat rides, lots of fun...
    You have the miami sea acuarium.

    There's really tons of things to do in miami, you can have a lot of fun there.
    Hope i was helpfull :sweatdrop:
  10. Only go to Orlando if you want to count the "yee-haws". :roflmfao: Such a boring ride.
  11. omg! aquarium! airboat rides!! that's sounds awesome! i was just afraid that we would vegetate on the beach for all four days, but all this stuff sounds good, esp the shopping! thanks!
  12. Miami was a part of my honeymoon and I was there from the 11th until the 16th! I had a great time. I did the city and famous houses boat tour and I really reccomend it. The tour costs only 35 USD p.p. and it lasts aroud 5 hours. I did not go to Orlando because I have been to Eurodisney many times. Bal Harbour shops are the best but very few and expensive i.e. Saks, gucci, chanel, fendi LV, etc but it is nice there to have a coffe. South Beach is good for going out! If you do not look really young you will be ok with the ID part for the bar. I did not see anyone asking! Nikkibeach has a great restaurant called PEARL ans later it tranforms into a club/bar and it was really hot on a Sunday! Dolphin Mall was ok too but they had nothing special!

    Have fun!
  13. Palm Beach is a lot of fun. Worth Ave is great. A nice place to just walk around and shop and eat..... Look on their website for things to do. The Flagler museum is nice. Breakers Hotel is worth a visit......
    Just remember to be very careful in Miami--the crime is very bad. A lot of purse snatchings at the better malls. Know where you are going because if you are in a bad area that is asking for trouble. Key West is so much fun, you don't need to drink to have a great time.....don't plan you vacation around a bar.... If you want to do all the tourist things I guess Orlando is the way to go--but you will be fighting kids and crowds.
  14. I picked Disney World for you, but that is a LONG drive. From Miami nearly 5 hours. Key West is over 3 hours from Miami. You are not super close to either. That means most of the day you will be traveling.

    When in South Florida this is what I recommend... Go to South Beach. It is REALLY fun to walk around and see all of the Art Deco, not to mention the people watching is great. Eat at the News Room Cafe, one of Versace's favorites. Right in South Beach is Versace's house.

    Go to the Everglades- just ask at your hotel but there are tons of different locations that have airboat rides and alligator shows etc. The Everglades are really fun and something different.

    For shopping, go to Bal Harbor. The shops are amazing and it is a beautiful outdoor mall.

    As far as Miami shopping.. there is tons of places. Tons of malls.

    Vizcaya is right on the water and is the old John Deering Estate- it is right by KEy Biscayne. It is a beautiful mansion, you can get a tour and then view the gardens. The gardens are worth it.

    There is PLENTY do to in Miami without leaving!! :tup: Have a blast!
  15. ^ Megs is right. I personally would stay in miami, you will be driving all day if you go to either places. and Key west has lots of bars and stuff so does south beach but key west is more bar feeling. YEs def dadeland, Merrick park, International , Dolphin and sunset place. LOts of shopping here. YOu can also go to the Musuem of science which is right in front of Viscaya. Well good luck.